Meet Our Team

At Acoma Animal Clinic, we have a strong passion and love for caring for animals of all types, shapes, and sizes. Get to know our experienced veterinarian staff by reading the descriptions below.

Dr. Richard Livingston, DVM

Graduated from Colorado State University in 1980. He started his first clinic in Flagstaff in 1981. He currently spends most of his time in Tucson where he also has a clinic, established in 1995. Flagstaff is still his first love, and he has maintained a two-vet practice in town since 1990. Dr. Livingston named the vet clinic after the Navajo word Kaibab, which means upside down mountain. He is not afraid of any species and has a special fondness for bearded dragons.

Tiffany, Full Time Vet Tech


Tiffany is a full time Lead  Vet.Tech and has been with Acoma since Oct 2010. She has a full house with her and her two daughters, Jade and Jena. She has 4 cats, 2 very sweet Pit Bulls named Jezzibelle and Capone, and a Tortoise. She has a big heart for all types of animals and loves working with all of the clients and they’re pets. “They become like family to us, and I love coming to work everyday to see the old and new furry faces. When she has free time she enjoys beading jewelry, hiking, camping and spending quality time with her family.

Evalyn, Part Time Vet Tech

Evalyn has been with Acoma since Oct 2010. She is a full time Vet Tech. She has a soft spot for cats and loves dogs as well.  She has a Husband and son named Leander. She has a big heart for all of our clients and they’re pets. She enjoys bike riding with her free time and also spending a quiet day with her family.

Crystal, Part Time Vet Tech

Crystal has been with Acoma Animal since 2012 and she is currently working as a part time Vet Tech. She spends the rest of time at home with her two sons and her 5yr old Terrier Roxy. She has a love and fondness for all animals and loves being at our clinic.

Alisha, Part Time Vet Tech

Alisha is the newest member to the Acoma team. Besides having a big heart for all pets, she is a single mom with 2 kids, Justin and Emily. Her kids are in 4H and also help mom with the Horses. She has a Tortoise, 3 cats, 2 dogs, Bella and Luna, and a paint Horse named Porscha.  In her free time she does training with her German Shepard for competitions.

Aimee, Part Time Vet Tech

Aimee has been with Acoma since Jan 2015. She is a part time Tech Assistant and shadowing Dr.Livingston for her future as a Veterinarian. She is currently enrolled at University Of Arizona in Veterinary Sciences. Aimee has 2 dogs and 2 horses and enjoys spending her free time in Winslow roping horses and studying.

Alisha, Student Volunteer

Tristin has been a student volunteer with Acoma for a few years now helping with kennels, cleaning and comforting our furry patients. She is a big help to all of us here and were glad to have her with us.

Stacy, Part Time Vet Tech

Stacy has been with Acoma Animal Clinic since Sept. of 2015 as a Receptionist/Tech.  She recently moved to Tucson with her husband and spoiled little dog. She has a big heart and a great understanding of our clients and they’re pets, and is happy to be in the front and have a close relationship with them. In her free time she enjoys belly dancing and spending time with family.

Ken, Part Time Kennel Care

Ken is new to Acoma and is part time with the clinic as a Kennel care worker and clinic helper. He has a wife and new son Leander. His wife, Evalyn, works at the clinic, too.  He enjoys fixing cars with his free time and he likes to cook.

Heidi, Part Time Office Mgr/Vet Asst.

Heidi works as a part time Office Manager/Vet Assistant and has been at Acoma for a very long time. She was actually a client of the clinic at first, and loved it here so much she came to work with us! She is a busy mom and has three daughters and and 4 dogs named Rudy, Lola, Ginger and Oliver, When she has free time she likes to spend it riding her horses.

Marvin, Clinic Cat


Marvin, our biggest cat, is a very handsome black Bombay, who adores cats and kittens.  He generally greets every cat, and given the chance will give a kitten a bath for hours.  His is at a ripe age of 15 years, and is as healthy as can be, besides his big belly…

Casey, Clinic Cat


Casey came to live with us after another clinic cat, Peter, passed away.  She has been with us since the Fall of 2011, and is fitting in nicely.  At 8 years old, she prefers dogs over cats, and she and Marvin, unfortunately, are not the closest of friends, but they seem to manage just fine…