10 Signs Your Dog Loves You – Part 1

When you own a dog, you become filled with so much adoration for them. You don’t just see them as a pet, but oftentimes consider them a member of the family. Pooches are very loyal and playful companions to have. You love them so much because of their personality and trust. But, have you ever wondered if they love you too? There are quite a few ways to determine this!


Welcome back to the Acoma Animal Clinic Blog! In this month’s blogs we are going to go over 10 signs your dog loves you. Today we’re starting off with 5 signals to look for.

Love Language- Signs Your Dog Loves You

1. Facial Expressions

Facial expressions are one of the easiest ways to tell how a human is feeling. From a big ole cheerful grin to a sad frown, it’s obvious to understand someone’s emotions.  Just as we express these feelings, dogs do as well. One way that one way that dogs show endearment is through raising their eyebrows. If he or she is looking at you and happens to lift its brow, they are trying to say “I think you’re pretty great! I’m glad to be around you!”

These subtle expressions are what they rely on to communicate because they can’t talk like humans. Perking of the ears is another way to show they are happy to see you. It’s important to pay attention to these little gestures and engage with them to reciprocate the love!

2. Eye Contact

Locking eyes is one of the strongest ways to show connection and interest. Odds are, you wouldn’t want to hold eye contact with a person that you don’t trust or like, right? You might be thinking “The only reason my dog is looking at me is because I have a treat in my hand.” That’s not totally true. Dogs lock eyes when interacting with their favorite humans! They stare at you intently because they fixate on things that they love.

When interacting with other dogs, dogs generally do not hold eye contact. This could be a sign of aggression and dislike. It’s interesting to understand the difference in communication between other dogs and their owners. So, if you ever catch your dog’s eyes staring into yours, know that this is one of the ways they are saying they love you.

3. Leaning Against You

Physical contact is always one of the best ways to show connection with somebody. When a dog trusts you, he or she will stand or lay right up against you. In times of fear, a dog will lean up against their owner because they are confident that you will protect them. This little notion says a lot about how they feel about you! If you ever get frustrated that they are following you around and laying on your feet, remember that this is how the express their love.

4. Wagging Their Tail

This gesture is one that everyone is familiar with — whether you own a dog or not. The wagging of the tail is a clear sign of happiness and excitement. The tails have a bigger movement when the dog is relaxed. The lack of tension allows for the dog’s tail to wiggle in an easier manner. Relaxation is a sign that your dog feels super comfortable and at ease when you are around. When you see their tail wagging, scratch their back, rub their belly, and show them some love because this is another sign of affection towards you.

5. Stealing Your Clothes

All dog owners have faced the frustration of clothes being spotted and misplaced all around the house. The laundry basket that was filled to the brim is now all over the ground. The missing socks you’ve been looking for have been under the couch the whole time. Your tennis shoes that were by the front door have somehow made their way to the kitchen floor. Without a doubt, you know your pup is the culprit for all of the above.

Before getting upset, take a step back and understand why he or she did this. The reason for this happening is your scent. Your dog can smell your natural scent on all of your clothing, so playing with those items reminds them of you. Dogs have a heightened sense of smell, so when they love something they can recall that specific odor. Next time you find your socks under the couch, know that your dog is expressing their adoration to you.

Here, at the Acoma Animal Clinic, we interact with a lot of dogs and know what a lovable animal they are. It’s important to take care of them and ensure they live a healthy life. Make sure to bring your pooch in for a check up every once in awhile and double-check their health is in good condition. To set up an appointment time, contact us!



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