10 Signs Your Dog Loves You – Part 2

As we know, dogs can’t communicate through words like humans do. You might sometimes wonder “how does my dog feel about me? Does he or she love me like I love them?” Since they can’t articulate this, you might find yourself constantly wondering about these things. Not to worry, your pup’s behaviors are huge indicators of their affection towards you.


Welcome back to the Acoma Animal Clinic Blog! In our previous post, we addressed a few signs your dog loves you. Today, we will be discussing 5 more signals that help describe their feelings. Let’s get to it!


Love Language – Signs Your Dog Loves You

6. Licking

Whether you own a dog or not, it is well known that licking is a caring gesture. Similar to wagging of their tail, licking is a classic dog behavior showing happiness and comfort. As owners, you love receiving these “kisses” from them because it reveals their endearment towards us.


Generally, licking is an innate way of dogs grooming their puppies in order to keep them looking nice. It is an action that occurs between a mother and her pups which creates a strong relationship. When a dog licks us, we can take this as a way of them building a connection as their owner. The more smooches from your pooches, the better!


7. Smiling

A recent trend has been making your pet a social media account just to add pictures of them and brag about their cuteness to your friends. If you have social media, you have most likely seen a ton of smiling puppy pictures on your feed. As dog owners, you become obsessed of snapping photos when your pup is doing something adorable, like smiling. Seeing those pearly whites is not only adorable, but it’s a sign of joy. Although you might just see this as being cute, it is a way that your dog is showing you he or she loves you.


By opening their mouth and having a relaxed face, you can tell they are comfortable and happy to be around you. Dogs have the ability of reciprocating what they see or receive. So, if you are really excited and happy, they will radiate the same energy back to you. Dogs are very empathetic and good at reading their surroundings, especially when there is a strong bond with their owners.

8. Sleeping Next to You

When you have a connection with someone, touch is a major way of expressing intimacy. If your dog cuddles up next to you at bed time, this is their way of demonstrating they feel safe and connected to you. As they sleep, they want to feel protected, so being up against you helps them feel secure. This trust is a huge signal of their love for you.


However, this goes two ways. I’m sure there have been times you are woken up in the middle of the night, from your dog barking at something that they think might be a threat. Even if no danger is there, your pet took precaution in order to protect you. If this doesn’t show they love you, then what does?!

9. Obedience

At an early age, owners teach their puppy to do tricks, become potty trained, and act appropriately inside of the house. As they grow up, the dogs always seem to remember what they have learned in the past. By listening to owner’s requests, the pooch is showing respect and understanding good behavior. Dogs are intelligent animals! They are incredible at responding to commands after being trained to do so.


Of course, accidents do happen, but you can always tell that your dog feels guilty when he or she knows they did something wrong. You know when they run away with their heads down and tail between their hind legs or when the have a sad look with puppy-dog eyes that a mistake has been made.

10. Checking Up On You

You might live a very busy life where you’re always doing something around the house from cleaning to getting work done on your computer. Sometimes you might feel as though you are disregarding and not paying enough attention to your dog, but that is not the case! If you notice while you are doing these things that your dog peaks its head from around the corner, he or she is checking up on you. Just because you can’t snuggle or play all day long doesn’t mean that your dog isn’t still showing affectionate signs.

These wrap up the 10 signs your dog loves you! Hopefully, you will notice these behaviors more often and continue reciprocating love back to your pup. In order for your dog to live a healthy life, be sure to get them a check-up every once in a while. Contact us if you have questions about setting up an appointment. Although your pup tends to not enjoy doctor’s visits, remember that you’re doing it out of love!

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