Acoma Animal Clinic Holiday Guide

The holiday season is fully on us now, and with all the new decorations, events, and changes to the home there’s a lot to be careful to keep your pets happy and safe during the holidays. Follow these safety tips to keep your pets safe this holiday!

Be Careful with Seasonal Plants and Decorations

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are a hazard to so many things. For one they can tip over and fall, injurying your pet or child. The water in the tree stand can also be hazardous, especially if it contains any fertilizer that is meant to keep the tree from drying out and dying too fast. Stagnant water is also ground zero for bacteria growth, which if your pet drinks from could cause nausea, diarrhea, or worse.

Mistletoe and Holly

Christmas trees aren’t the only plants to be wary of this holiday. Holly and mistletoe can also do a number on your pets if they ingest them. Mistle toe can cause both gastrointestinal distress and upset and cardiovascular problems. Holly can give pets nausea, leading to vomiting and diarrhea. Artificial plants made from silk or plastic might make a better option.


Tinsel is like catnip for cats… errr well you get what we mean. Furry felines love tinsel. It’se sparkling, catches the light and is in their favorite shape to chase and bat at (a string!). Unfortunately, nibbling at tinsel can lead to your cat swallowing a portion of tinsel and obstructing their GI tract, dehydration, sever vomiting, and might require surgery to fix. Stick to 

something other than tinsel for a pet friendly home!

Wire Trouble

Whether they’re power cords to Christmas lights or decorations, new gifts or what have you wires are a danger. These can deliver lethal shocks to pets who puncture the wires or batteries with their teeth, not to mention the burns that go with them. Keep all wires safe and out of the reach of curious paws.

Holiday Food Dangers

Watch the Sweets (Actually, Skip ‘em!)

We’ve talked about this plenty of times before – you know not to feed your pets candy or chocolate or anything xylitol – but your pets don’t! Keep anything that might be tempting from them out of chomping range to keep them safe. 

Leftovers Are for People

Say it again for the people in the back! Leftovers are for people not pets! Holiday food especially is full of all kinds of foods and spices that can harm a pet. Keep leftovers away from Spot and he’ll thank you in the long wrong.

Make Your Holiday Pet Safe

Your holidays can be pet-friendly and safe so long as you follow those tips and take a few extra precautions. Put any medications away, heck create a whole room that is completely theirs (the pets) to give them a safe, calm space to avoid the excess noise. Keep the party noise (such as firecrackers or poppers) to a minimum or cut them completely to keep your pets de-stressed and safe.

No matter how you celebrate the holidays, your pet can enjoy and celebrate too! It just takes a little bit of work to make them pet-safe.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Acoma Animal Clinic!

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