All about Golden Retrievers

Did you know that the golden retriever is one of, if not the most popular breed of dog in America? You might have had a good idea about that already, since many people own them as pets and lifelong companions.

Despite their popularity in America, the golden retriever actually originates in Scotland, and was bred in the mid 1800’s as a dog that would assist in hunting expeditions for small birds like wildfowl. Oddly enough, golden retrievers were soon replaced by water spaniels, as they weren’t good enough at tracking down and retrieving game from both water and land, alike. They were eventually cross bred, resulting in the friend we all know and love – the golden retriever.

Currently, there are three main types of golden retrievers; the Canadian golden retriever, the British golden retriever, and the American golden retriever. Each has a distinct difference about them, making them unique in their own way. Naturally, there are more American golden retrievers here in America than any of the remaining two kinds.

Despite popular belief, the American golden retriever is actually less muscular than one might believe, and tend to be the lankiest of the retriever breeds. Males are usually 2 feet tall in height at the withers, while females are just shy of two feet, standing at 21-23 inches tell at the withers. Their notable coats are various shades of dark, rich golds. The majority of them, if not all of them, have long hair and relatively silky coats, making grooming a regular activity for any golden retriever owner.

Golden retrievers have been seen throughout movies, as compassionate companions whenever their owners have taken them out, and as main characters where they can even speak!

They are a wonderful breed when it comes to small and young children, and are known to be extremely mild in temper, making them a safe, fun dog to be around and to own.

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