Beating the Heat, Hot Weather Help for Your Pets (Part 1)

Been outside today? Felt like walking on the surface of the sun when going to your car? Yep, that means it is officially deep into summer here in Arizona. Two weeks ago, it got up to 120 in Phoenix! While Tucson may have milder temperatures, it is only ever so slightly during the summer. You are not doubt taking precautions to keep yourself from having to deal with the weather but have you given proper care to your furry friends who need to go outside? Here are some tips to keep your animal companion safe and healthy during the excessively hot weather.

Avoid Asphalt

You know how hot the air is? Well the asphalt and concrete you’re walking your pup across can be leagues hotter. Their paw pads can get burned, and their bodies can overheat quickly.  Limit the amount of exposure they have, and wait to take them for walks til the asphalt has had time to cool.

Summer Cut

Getting your dog or cat a lighter coat can help prevent them overheating. If you use skin care products like sunscreen or bug repellents on your pets make sure they are created specifically for animals.

Fireworks Fears

July 4th is right around the corner, and the season for fireworks is ongoing. Remember that the explosions are very scary for your furry friend and exposure to fireworks might result in burns or worse! The chemicals present in fireworks can also be toxic to pets so best to just keep them clear.

Bad Barbeques

Summers mean barbeque and pool party seasons. If you are planning on  bringing your dog along remember that many foods and drinks can be poisonous to pets. Including the obvious like chocolate and alcohol, also look to make sure they’re not getting onions, raisins, or grapes amongst others.

These have been just a few of the concerns to keep an eye on over the summer months, both heat related and otherwise. We will be back in a couple weeks with some more to ensure your pets make it through the long summer healthy and happy! Until then, stay up to date on your check ups, shots, make sure they’re getting exercise and we’ll see you back here in a few weeks.

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