Beating the Heat, Hot Weather Help for Your Pets (Part 2)

Welcome back to the Acoma Animal Clinic blog. This month we have been going over the things to keep in mind when it comes to your pets health and these hot summer months. Last time we covered, the asphalt heat, fireworks hazards, food concerns, and the possibility of grooming your pet to prevent heat exhaustion. We have even more tips so read on and go forth confident in your pet staying healthy and happy.

Parking Prohibited

The heat is bad enough, but sitting in a metal box will make it 100 times worse. Don’t ever leave your pet in the car, even if it is just to run into the store for two minutes. Arizona recently passed legislation that also allows good Samaritans to rescue children and animals locked in cars on hot days.

Splash Safety

Just like people, not all dogs are good safety. Don’t leave your animals unsupervised around water and if they are swimmers try to ensure they don’t swallow too much water. The chlorine and chemicals can give them upset stomachs.

Throw Shade

Dehydration can happen quickly in pets and if they’re outside getting all their energy out it’ll happen even quicker. Make sure they have shaded space to get out of the sun when you let them out for a bit. Be sure to limit the amount of time they spend in the heat on hot days.

Spot the Symptoms

Make sure you know the symptoms of overheating in your pets. Excess panting, drooling, weakeness, stupor, bloody diarrhea and/or vomit, and seizures all are sure signs that something is wrong. Pets with flatter faces can also not pant as efficient and effectively and so are prone to quicker overheating. Pets who are overweight, old, or suffer from heart or lung problems are even more susceptible  so keep them inside in air-conditioning.

There are a number of other things to keep your pet healthy and happy but those are year round practices. Avoiding chemicals, keeping them up to date on shots and their medications filled and you and your pet can enjoy another summer together. We’ll see you next month!

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