Best Dog Breeds for An Apartment

You may think you are supposed to avoid adopting a dog while living in an apartment with no big backyard. Well, you should not be. However, an apartment or a small house does not mean you can not have a furry friend. Also, it does not have to be a tiny buddy. Let’s look at the best dog breeds for an apartment you can adopt blissfully without being an inconsiderate neighbor. 

Best Dog Breeds for An Apartment

It may feel challenging to find a dog to adopt while living in an apartment. Your apartment’s size, the dog facilities around you, and the mindset of your neighbors against dogs will play a role when you decide to adopt a furry friend. You should have a lot to consider beforehand. 

However, these should not dissuade you from finding a buddy that will warm your heart with pure love and loyalty. When you come together with your new furry friend, Acoma Animal Clinic will be there for anything you need. Now it is time to look for the best dog breeds for an apartment like the ones below. 

Yorkshire Terrier

A Yorkshire Terrier is one of the best dog breeds for an apartment for many reasons. As a little furry friend, Yorkshire Terriers do not take up much space in a small house. They are known as one of the most intelligent dogs, so it is easy and fun to train them, saving you little accidents in the house caused by clumsiness or mischief. 

If you do not have a physically active lifestyle, a Yorkshire Terrier can be a good fit for you as a 15 to 20 minutes walk can be enough for them to let out the steam. It is also possible to take unwanted barking under control with training. This way, you will not live on your nerves, worrying if your neighbors are disturbed. You can find more information about the Yorkshire Terrier breed here.


Regarding the best dog breeds for an apartment, a Havanese is one of the most suitable options for those with limited space. Havanese is a small dog breed, too. They are famous for their amiableness and not being noisy, making them perfect for an apartment with neighbors. Just like a Yorkshire Terrier, a Havanese is trainable thanks to its high intelligence and proneness to make its human friend happy. 

Havanese is an energetic dog breed; however, it does not require long hours of physical activity. If you keep the morning walks in order, you can get along well, considering the furry friend’s inner peace. Yet, it is helpful to remember that they are not crazy about staying alone. 

Cavalier King Charles

As opposed to the rumors, Cavalier King Charles is not an arrogant dog because of its origins in royalty. They can be just happy and loving in a small house without a hectare backyard. Moreover, a Cavalier King Charles is one of the best dog breeds for an apartment as they are teeny tiny furry friends. 

Cavalier King Charles’ petite look hides an impressive intelligence inside. It is totally possible, and even easy, to train them to prevent unwanted behavior such as chewing the furniture. When it comes to their energy, twenty minutes of physical activity is all it takes to make the furry friend happy. 

Bichon Frise

As one of the best dog breeds for an apartment, Bichon Frise is all set to be the most adorable dog on the planet with its curly, snow-white hair. They are hypoallergenic and have one of the cutest faces that will make you want to kiss them on the cheek. 

They are easily trainable and brilliant. They love lying on the couch quietly after the day’s walk, but they take an aversion to being home alone. Also, remember that Bichon Frise is a breed that requires high-maintenance grooming.


Known as the barkless dog, Basenji is naturally on our list of the best dog breeds for an apartment. Their anatomy is unique when it comes to barking. The larynx of a Basenji does not let it bark, which makes them one of the perfect fits for an apartment dweller human friend. However, you should be pretty consistent while training a Basenji as it tends to be stubborn. 

Basenjis are not tiny dogs, unlike the breeds we listed above. They can reach around 26 pounds, but it does not stop them from living happily in an apartment. We can say that Basenjis are similar to cats in terms of grooming themselves and not being excessive attention seekers. For more information about the Basenji breed, you can click here.

Last Words on Best Dog Breeds for An Apartment

Adopting a dog requires forward thinking if you live in an apartment. Before choosing a dog breed, you should consider the dog’s needs, your neighbors’ sensitivity, and your expectations. Therefore, if you live in an apartment, you should look into the breeds that can live happily in an apartment.  Acoma Animal Clinic will be there for your buddy to grow and live healthily.

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