Best Pet Owner Yet! – New Year Resolutions for Your Furry Family

The New Year is here, and everyone is talking about their resolutions. A new year, a new calendar, it all feels perfectly composed to start on a new path. For many that may mean new diets, or new exercise plans, or new hobbies. All of those are great, and we encourage everyone to follow their bliss in that way! But here at Acoma Animal Clinic we can’t help but focus on our furry friends! This time on the blog let’s look at some New Year’s Resolutions you can take up to be the best pet parent around!

Pet Owner New Year’s Resolutions

I Will…

Walk My Dog – Every Day

Ok, we say dog but this applies to cats too! More generally speaking, get your pets the level of exercise and activity they need to live healthy lives! For dogs that means a nice walk or playing fetch! A good rule of thumb is 30 minutes to two hours of exercise is best for your pup, the larger the breed the more they need. And hey, a well-exercised dog is a good dog! Luckily people should also get about 30 minutes of exercise a day too! It’s a win-win-win!

Feed Them a Healthy Diet

Going to try and eat better this year? Nice. You know who else could probably use a better diet? That’s right your four-legged friend. Say no to table scraps, stick to a food that is rich in the nutrients they need, and healthier treats. Also be mindful about how much they are eating! Pet obesity is rampant across the U.S. and with it comes a whole host of other health complications.

Brush Their Teeth

Just like you, your pet needs to have their teeth cleaned regularly! It will help their overall health and prevent dental diseases from cropping up. With a mouth full of teeth and constantly being used to chew on toys, your pet’s tooth health is very important! Start the year off right with an annual checkup to get the process started!

Help Them Learn!

Your pooch doesn’t have to be bad to get some training! Plenty of dogs get to enjoy the challenge, the thrill, and the bonding time, of going to obedience classes with you! You’ll develop a closer understanding and be able to show off some pretty slick new tricks to impress! 

Similarly, keeping their brain active is crucial for health and behavior. For dogs and cats alike you can buy treat puzzles or food dispensers that require a little bit of thinking can help them focus and use up energy!

Take Proper Precautions for their Health!

This one can mean a few things. It can mean getting their regular checkups, keeping toxic chemicals and dangerous things around the home out of reach. It can also mean looking into pet insurance to be prepared for any emergency that might occur! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but having the funds to tackle any health need or emergency will give you peace of mind.

Go On An Adventure!

And it doesn’t have to be an expedition! Take your dog on a new walk, go hiking one weekend, spend a day out in the backyard with them, or just take them for a ride around the neighborhood to get coffee. 

Spend Time Together Each Day

Create new special moments with your pet! Bonding with your pet is the crucial for a happy healthy life. They are social creatures (yes even your stand offish cat needs some socializing) and studies show that extra attention goes a long way to keeping them happy and healthy.

Treat Your Senior Pets Right

If you have older pets in their twilight years. Why not make a bucket list of sorts for them? It can be a way to help you cope with their limited days as you ensure they have lived an absolutely full life! Think about what your pet’s favorite things are and go big (or as big as their health with allow)!

Add in some pet focused New Year’s Resolutions to your own and make sure your pet has the best year!

Happy New Year from all of us at Acoma Animal Clinic! Let’s make 2021 the best year yet!

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