Dog Park Etiquette (Part Two)

Welcome back the Acoma Animal Clinic blog where this month we are talking about dog park etiquette. We know our fury friends love nothing more than having fun. They may be a little mischievous at times, but they would never intentionally harm any other dog/person let alone cause major trouble. But when it comes time to visit the dog park, sometimes they need a little bit of help in keeping their behavior appropriate. These etiquette tips are important for owners and pets alike!

  1. Be Thoughtful Of Other Dogs

Don’t slip into the mindset of worrying only about your dog. This starts from the moment you arrive at the dog park to the moment you leave. When you let your pup off the leash, keep him from rushing up to other dogs and aggressively greeting them. This can be intimidating and scary, which can lead to an incident. Don’t let your dog be a toy thief. If you see this behavior, call them over and have them sit things out for a minute or two. Finally, it is easy for an excited, happy dog to end up playing a little too rough. What is fun for one dog may be scary or even painful for another. If you see rough playing, call your dog over and engaging them in a replacement activity.

  1. Pick Up After Your Dog

This is something you should already be in the habit of doing, but it is particularly important here at the dog park. It is a simple matter of sanitation. It is not appropriate to leave droppings anywhere. At the dog park, where there are many, many dogs, the situation could get out of control quickly if owners were not actively picking up after their dogs. Do your part to keep the dog park clean.


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