Dog Parks in Tucson

You know what everyone loves? Dog parks. Do you know what’s even better? Free dog parks! If you own a dog, you know that they need space to run around and have fun. No matter how old your dog might be, they automatically become young at heart when they have the space to play and let loose.

Next time you plan on spending some time with your furry friend, be sure to check out one of these free dog parks in the city of Tucson!

Christopher Columbus Park, 4600 N. Silverbell Road. Open from dawn till dusk, this free park is a whopping 14,000 square feet of green space for your dog to enjoy. There is also a Fido fountain, ramada area, and scoop dispenser.

Gene C. Reid Park: Miko’s Corner Playground, Country Club and 22nd Street. Opem from 7AM till 10PM, this park is a near a country club, so don’t park in any reserved spaces. The park is actually named after a Tucson Police Department dog, Miko, who lost his life on the job. The park is quite large, and features three entrance gates. It’s also a massive 2 acres. So try not to lose track of your pet!

Jacobs Park, 3300 N. Fairview Avenue. Open from dawn to dusk, this is one of the smallest dog parks in Tucson. It doesn’t have the same amenities as many of the others, so be sure to bring your own doggy bags.

Palo Verde Park, 300 S. Mann Avenue. Open from 6AM to 10PM, this park is an entire 38,000 square feet. Be aware that this park doesn’t have grass or turf. Instead, it’s made of decomposed granite. The park also has fenced off areas for both small and large dogs, as well as entry gates for each size dog.

Purple Heart Park: Ivan’s Spot, 10050 E. Rita Road. Open from 7AM to 10PM, this park was established to honor another fallen dog of the TPD, Ivan. It’s one acre large, and has designated areas for small and large dogs. The park is made of decomposed granite, and features lots of shrubs and trees for you and your dog to enjoy.

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