Dog Personalities for You and Your Family

5 Dog Personalities for You and Your Family

Every family is looking for the right dog for them. It can be difficult choosing which dog fits best with your family. Dogs, just like humans, have their own special personalities that go best with a group of people. Similar to finding your group of friends, dogs need to find their close group of friends in the family they live with. Listed below we have 5 dog breeds and their personalities.

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  1. Golden Retriever

One of America’s favorite dogs, and one of the sweetest. Golden Retriever’s are loyal, loving, and amazing companions. Bred to hunt duck and other fowl game these dogs love to play fetch in the yard with you. However, Golden’s like to be near their owner’s side, so if you are on the couch for the day you can guarantee they’ll be right there with you.

Sweet with children and wonderful service dogs, Golden’s will give you all the love you need and play gentle around your little ones. Because of their calm and patient nature they are great dogs to be around kids.

  1. German Shepherd

Originally bred to herd large flocks of sheep through their swift movements and strong demeanor, the German Shepherd has become a symbol of strength for K-9 units, guide dogs, and search and rescue dogs. Rather protective dogs, the German Shepherd must be trained at a young age to understand who is and is not welcome in your home.

Because German Shepherds have high energy they are best suited for people and families who have the time and devotion to train and exercise this dog. This breed is intelligent and loyal once trained by a loving family. They have a fearless expression and confidence that shows through at all times. German Shepherds often bond very well with children and young adults in the family, and love to join for fun activities outdoors.

German Shepherds will provide years of companionship, loyalty, and love to you and your family. However, because of their size and energy they should be adopted or purchased by people that have the time to train and exercise this type of dog.

  1. Beagle

Intelligent and gentle this breed is often favored by families and police forces alike. Because Beagles are hound dogs they have incredible sniffing abilities and are quick to catch anything (whether it be an illegal substance in an airport or an animal in your backyard). These dogs have an even temper and love to explore the outdoors with their owner’s.

Being a more active breed Beagles love to play games, making them perfect for a family with children. With a good temper and high energy Beagles are the perfect companion for a person or family who enjoy being outside and have time to play with the dog. While the most common reason for abandonment is their howling, it is easy to train the dog from a young age to avoid excessive howling.

  1. Poodle

Confident, loving, and very intelligent the Poodle is quick to learn. The breed comes in standard and miniature sizes, and sheds very little, which is a good sign for people with allergies.

Each size of Poodle has slightly different personality traits. The Standard for example is often shy and protective around strangers – but is phenomenal with kids and adults they are familiar with. While the Miniature will often stick to one person in the family, but is great with kids and other dogs. No matter the breed of Poodle you decide will work best for your family, both are loving companions, with gentle souls, and obedient and intelligent minds.

  1. Dachshund

This breed has a lot of personality put into its tiny little body. Dachshunds are known to be playful and devoted to their owners. These dogs do require a lot of attention because they are stubborn and enjoy being the center of attention at all times. Better suited for people with time to devote all of their love and attention to the Dachshund, it will give all it can to its owner. Because they want to constantly steal the show they often try to take on larger dogs, but not to worry … their bark is much worse than their bite!

Dachshunds have high energy but do not require vigorous exercise. However, because they love to chase other animals such as birds, be sure to keep your eye on their running outdoors, or keep them in a fenced in area.

Keep in mind that no matter the breed each dog has their own personality. We hope this posts helps you in the quest for that life-long companion you and your family are looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will help to lead you in the best direction.

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