Getting Affordable Veterinarian Care

The New Year is here! It’s 2018 and with that comes resolutions. Have you made some yourself? Perhaps something along the lines of – lose weight, eat healthier, read more books, any of that sound familiar? Well, today on the Acoma Animal Clinic blog we wanted to take that approach to our four-legged (or three, or two!) friends. After all, the affordable veterinarian is the veterinarian you see regularly!

affordable vet care

Just like your New Year’s Resolution is to get healthier, maintaining your pet’s health is an ongoing effort. Like you, pets should have regular visits and check-ups with their vet to maintain good health! By keeping tabs on them and their health you can get ahead of any possible problems that crop up. Just like you!

When it comes to affordable veterinarians too often people are looking for the cheapest care they can get in an emergency. The truth is, no matter the vet, if your pet is having an emergency or needs acute care, the cost can be high. The only way to lower that hefty expense is by making the acute care unnecessary through regular, steadier care.

For an example, you never take your pet to the vet because they don’t seem sick. Then one day a tooth breaks and they’re howling in pain. Now your dog needs oral surgery and dental care. Instead of this, through regular check-ups and proper preventative medicine administered at home (in this case, brushing their teeth) any possible weakness in their teeth would be identified and rectified before it got too bad.

The same approach of preparedness, proactivity would be done with numerous other possible ailments or injuries. Weak knees or hips could be noted before they fail, your vet prescribed a diet to prevent weight gain and other injuries. As the saying goes, knowing is half the battle and if your pet never sees a vet you’ll have a hard time being ready for what may come.

Other Ways to Receive Affordable Veterinarian Services

  • Be Proactive
    • Like being a regular vet visitor, being proactive can also mean getting services done when they are advantageous. Some shelters or facilities offer free spay and neutering during certain times of the year. Take advantage of these offers!
  • Ask For Help!
    • Don’t be afraid to ask your vet for assistance. Discuss payment options. Some vets will offer payment plans or even discounts to their more frequent clients.
  • Shop Around
    • This sounds like a no-brainer, sure. Shopping around between vets can see lower costs especially when being open with the professionals in question. It doesn’t stop there, however! You can also shop for lower cost medications and procedures.

Whichever way you decide to go about it, remember that your pet’s health is very important. By maintaining them while they are still in good health will save you not only a lot of money, but a lot of heartache down the line as well.

Your pets’ health is our utmost concern here at Acoma and anyway we can help we are happy to do so. Use our tools and resources for caring for your pet to make sure you are staying on top of the game. If you need any other help, contact us and together we can make sure you have affordable veterinarian care.

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