Gifts for Pet Lovers (and Pets!) – Holiday 2018

They’re almost here… Just around the corner we’ll be exchanging gifts with our families, our friends, even at work functions. But it’s already December and maybe you’re a little behind like us. Welcome back to the Acoma Animal Clinic blog! This time around we are going to do everybody a favor and suggest some great gifts for pet lovers, (and their furry friends) and we know these are sure to please, we’d be happy to find any one of these in our stocking!

Looking to buy something for your own pet? Don’t feel too absurd, over 90% of Americans responded that they too had Fido and Ms. Fluffy on their shopping lists.

The Gift Guide

Pet Portrait

This might take a little bit of extra work or a willing accomplice to get done right but the results are sure to wow! Find a picture of the pet in question, maybe through some social media sleuthing or reach out to someone in the giftee’s family. Decide whether you want to get a picture of just the pup (or kitty) or one with the pet and owner. Take it to a print shop and get it enlarged, pop it in a frame and there you have it! A real treasure for any pet owner!

If you really want to blow them away, and maybe have a bit more time, consider getting the portrait painted! The cost will vary much more in this case, depending on the artist you find and it might be a bit too long to get it done before the holidays. That said, a painted portrait of their pet is worth the wait!

Dining Bowls

Elevate your giftee’s home décor, and their animals dining experience with a new food or water bowl. But not just any simple plastic bowl will do! No, we’re talking about something fancier, made of reclaimed wood and steel and set with the perfect height. That height will promote the best posture in your animals, which is especially good for those pups entering their twilight years.

Pet Coat

Live somewhere a bit chilly? Know your friend loves to take their dog out on walks? Check out some of the coats and harnesses on hand at Billy Wolf. Their coats are traditionally inspired, meaning your pup will look as classy as can be, strolling through the neighborhood in their plaid wool and Sherpa lined finery. Your pet will thank you.

Mind Games

You’ve no doubt heard about how solving puzzles into later age is good for people’s mental acuity, or to increase neuroplasticity. There is a lot of discussion about it, but did you know the same applied to animals as well? We’ve recommended them on the blog before, but food games can help your pet stay sharp as a tack as they grow older. There are a wide variety, from simple wood block treat hiding construction, to the $300 CleverPet Hub. Regardless of which end you opt for, the principle is the same. By making your pet work and solve puzzles to earn their treat, they will be honing their problem-solving skills (maybe a nightmare for some of our Australian Shepherd owners out there!) and burning up excess energy. That means you’ll have a smarter, but more relaxed and calmer pup to come home to.

Another benefit of these devices? Unlike your usual chew toy, these things will still be around next month, and the month after that, right on through the years! That said…

Elk Antler Chews

There’s something to be said for a toy pet’s can really dig into! An antler chew takes the traditional bone to the next level. They last longer and they don’t splinter into shards like some bone, making this a long lasting, safe treat option for pets. They’re also not too expensive at around $10 a pop so they make great stocking stuffers for all your friends’ pets!

Innovative Cat Scratching Furniture

The scratching post is an old classic, tried and true but a little boring. That’s where products like PetFusion’s Ultimate Scratcher Lounge come into play! This corrugated cardboard lounge is both scratching post and bed in one. The quality also makes it reversible, so once one side has been thoroughly used and abused you can maneuver it around for more play. Cats really are royalty, so why not give them the luxury lounge the deserve?

Make Your Gift

Don’t want to spend too much money this year? Easy! You find a ton of DIY projects all over the web, ranging from bake your own dog biscuits to constructing a cardboard cat home! Check out websites like Pinterest, Etsy, or even Martha Stewart’s site to see some examples and get your creative muscles turning. Your pet will thank you for their new fun!

Give to a Charity

Pet lovers also tend to be big animal lovers in general, go figure. To them (and us for instance) gifts are great, but supporting worthy causes for those animals who don’t have kind loving owners is huge. Find a charity your giftee who support, maybe figure out an animal that’s near and dear to their heart, and then look for a conservation group doing good work to help those animals flourish. Most charities offer a gift option that will allow you to have something to wrap up and hand over, a photo and description of what they did with the donation they received.

There are so many charities out there, from aardvarks to zebras. The holiday season is about charity, so even if you don’t have someone you need to send give an antler chew too, consider giving to those who are less fortunate and in need. You’ll feel so good it’s practically a gift to yourself.

We hope this extended length gift guide has been of some use for you! At the very least it inspired you no doubt.  Now hit Amazon, or swing by your local animal charity thrift store to find those gifts and spread the cheer, after all the holidays aren’t just for us! We’ll catch you back here next time where we will lay out potential holiday dangers that you need to be sure to avoid!

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