Grooming Your Cat, What You Need To Know: Part One

Previously on the blog, we have discussed a lot about grooming pooches. That’s because they do tend to need it more often than their feline friends but that ends here! This month we’re going to go over the basic of cat grooming. Keep in mind that if your cat hates, and I mean detests, loathes, really fights back, the bathing/grooming process it is a better idea to hire a professional to avoid any injuries to you or your pet.

While Mr. Wriggles may groom all day with his tongue and teeth, it can be too little in the face of overwhelming grime. Say they jumped through the garbage or something else particularly smelly it may be time for a bath. Again, attempt the bath only if you’re certain your cat will respond well to it,and there is no fear of injuring yourself or your loved one.

Brushing your cat several times a week is advised for overall hair health. It can remove the dead hair and dirt from the coat but also dead skin particles. Brushing exceptionally benefits your cat as they age and are unable to groom to their best. Depending on your breed and their hair type (short or long) you will need to use the right tools for the job. Short-hair cats can handle a rubber brush or short fine toothed metal comb. The key is to gently remove any debris or tangles and brush in the direction your pet’s coat grows. With long-haired cats, the process will take longer and be more frequent, but the keys remain the same. Gently combing to remove/prevent tangles, but this time, the direction is changed so work the hair upwards towards the cat’s neck and head.

While brushing your pets, fur keep your eyes peeled for any possible skin problems. There are many possible causes for these but catching them fast can put your pal on the fast track to recovery sooner rather than later. They could be due to anything from stress to parasites, and you and your vet should look into it.

Ears are sensitive and need to be looked over with care. If you see any consistent scratching, shaking their head or disorientation and you’ll know you need to investigate your pet’s ears. Make sure they are clean, no dirt or wax and certainly no odor.

Next time, we’ll look at teeth and nail care for your cat.

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