Halloween Risks – How to Keep Your Pet Safe this Holiday

The streets are full of ghosts and goblins, chocolates and candies, spooky scenery and more! Halloween is right around the corner! And while neighborhoods and people are gearing up for the spookiest of holidays, pet owners should keep a vigilant eye to protect their furry family’s health.  We took the time to put this blog together to point out the risks you need to avoid over the festivities.

Halloween Risks for Your Pets

halloween pet safety

First, Treats are Not for Pets

Should go without saying of course, but here we are. Trick-or-treat candies should not be given to pets. Chocolates of all varieties can be dangerous and other guys and sweets often contain xylitol. We’ve talked about xylitol before but to put it quickly, it is an artificial sweetener that is poisonous to dogs. Even tiny amounts can cause rapid changes in blood sugar and the fallout that follows.

Costume Carefully

Dressing up the dog for the festivities? That sure can be fun and they may look cute but practice caution. If the costume is too tight, has pieces that are easily chewed off or swallowed then it can be a dangerous thing to tangle with. Make sure you are keeping an eye on your furry friends while dressed up, so that they don’t have the chance to ingest any foreign objects.

Stand Watch

With trick or treaters coming to your door, ringing the bell and knocking it can be a very stressful night for our furry companions. Make sure they are in a comfortable, safe space away from the door. All the strange visitors and costumes are bound to illicit a reaction and not necessarily a fun one. They may behave aggressively or attempt to bolt out into the night. Nobody wants to spend their time navigating the night for their lost pet. So do your best to prevent it by providing them the space they need.

Keep Pets Indoors

While we all wish it were simply urban legends, the truth is people can be vicious and Halloween gives the opportunity to go out and make trouble. It might even amount to simple teasing but could be worse. Keep your pets indoors and out of harm’s way, if you have a black cat especially.

Seasonal Plant Prevention

Trick or treat chocolate or candies aren’t the only thing to keep out of the way of your pet. Pumpkins, corn, and the like are all plants that get used as decoration for the season and have the possibility of going moldy. As you can imagine, when a pet decides to go in and munch on a moldy pumpkin, there is cause for concern.

Dangerous Décor

While Halloween decorations are meant to elicit a fright, they shouldn’t cause any real fear of harm. Unfortunately, what is fun and festive for us may be dangerous for our pets. A dog with a particularly powerful wag might knock over a jack-o-lantern, causing a fire! A curious cat might get singed! Instead of using a real candle and flame in the jack-o-lantern, why not opt for the cheap LED candles? Keep in mind that any decoration that makes a lot of noise or flashing lights can upset your animal, making the rest of the night difficult.

Common Pet Safety

Should your watch falter in keeping your pet indoors or in a safe space and they are able to bolt, make sure they are wearing their proper identification! Sure that collar might ‘ruin’ the costume, but getting your pet back home safe and sound is more important.


Halloween can be a fun, atmospheric holiday for everyone to enjoy, and that includes the cat and dog! With a bit of thought and effort you can be sure they aren’t disturbed or getting up to any dangerous activities. If they got into anything they shouldn’t have, or you’re at all worried  about their health. Make sure you get in touch with your vet right away!

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