Holiday Decorations, What to Know, Do, and Avoid

Last time we talked about the food and some general safety tips for your furry friends, and while we don’t want to sound like Nervous Nellies, the truth is the holidays are always filled with changing scenery, and that can affect your pet’s health. Aside from foods, here are some more things to keep in mind as you pet safety proof your home.

Christmas Trees

  • Anchor the tree! Cats love to climb, and dogs are excitable enough to topple people or use their tails as whips and trees will find themselves knocked over. The headache of that clean up alone should keep this in the front of your mind but imagine what could happen if a pet or child was under the tree? No good. Anchor that tree.
  • Ornaments! While we all like to believe, our pet is a regular Dog Einstein; they tend to like to do some silly stuff, like eating or swallowing non-food items. Keep your ornaments up and out of reach of pets, lest they eat or knock them off and break them. Again, avoiding a mess and a possible serious health concern in one fix.
  • If you use any preservative in your tree stand, make sure your pets are not drinking it. Those can be poisonous to pets, not to mention the stagnant water may contain other bacteria.

Lights and Candles

  • Candles can have an appetizing smell to pets, and this can be a problem should your pet decide to knock it over to get a bite. Use common sense and keep them out of reach.
  • Lights and extensions cords crisscrossing the house is right up there with eggnog as a holiday staple. If you have a pet, you need to do your best to keep them secured/covered to deter chewing and the shock that will follow. Use the pet-proofing sprays like apple vinegar etc. or chew-proof extension cords to seal the deal.

Holiday Plants

When it comes to holidays, many plants exist to add a festive touch, but they often carry unwanted side effects!

  • Mistletoe, while inspiring kisses, is very toxic and can cause stomach issues or even fatal heart problems. This is especially true of the berries.
  • Poinsettias can upset your pet’s digestive tract.
  • Lilies are especially worrisome for cat owners. They can be deadly to cats, and many types cause kidney failure.

As always, we give you the warmest wishes during the holiday season and hope that with this list and last time’s guide to worrisome food, you can keep all members of your family happy and healthy through the winter and into the New Year.

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