How to Be a Better Cat Owner

This month on the Acoma Animal Clinic Blog we are talking about how to be better pet owners! We of course always want our pets to be healthy, but we want them to be happy as well. And that extends far past the vet office! Last time we discussed what it takes to be a good dog owner, take a look at that article if you haven’t yet as there is a lot of overlap! All done? Ok, here are some tips and guidelines for being a better cat owner!

how to be a better cat owner

Start Socializing

Raising a happy, confident cat requires a good bit of effort, with the biggest step being socialization. Introducing your cat to family, friends and other pets (and rewarding them with treats and praise as well) will help them grow more comfortable around other animals and people.  It applies to new smells, new experiences, and other things. All with the goal of keeping them more calm in future unfamiliar situations.

Kitty Workout

It might not be on your mind, that the cat needs exercise but it is crucial to avoid them gaining too much weight and developing the health problems that go along with that. No, you don’t need to get a leash and harness (though some cats do enjoy that!) but just set aside some time each day to chase your feline friend about the house, encouraging them to run, jump, and climb

Enrich Their Lives

Like we mentioned in the dog post but it bears repeating here! Enrichment means giving your cat more experiences with interactive toys, scratching posts, food puzzles, and perches for the window. This is crucial to their overall health and happiness.

Clean Consistently

With cats, the process of their litterbox routine can be a very important piece of their day. To keep an eye on this, you should be cleaning out the waste every day. This  will let you pay special attention to their litterbox habits. If your cat begins to go in the wrong spots, is reluctant to use the box or anything else out of the ordinary, it can be cause for concern.

Dial in their Diet

I know, it’s something so many of us struggle with for ourselves let alone our pets! But its incredibly important. Your cat’s diet will change over the course of its life from kitten to senior cat, and based on their activity levels, other health conditions etc. Food is the foundation of all health. Keep it healthy and on track and you can be sure you’re doing the best for you cat.

Get a Vet

You’re here so maybe you already know about the importance of a vet but it bears repeating. Cats need to see the vet too! Unfortunately, cats often see the vet much less regularly than their dog counterparts. To make the experience more pleasant for everyone involved get your cat accustomed to the various parts. The carrier, having her paws or ears handled.

Preventative Medicine

In the same vein as getting a vet, making sure you are giving your pet all the preventative measures and medicine they need to stay healthy. Keeping a pet healthy is much easier than trying to get a sick pet back on their feet.


Follow these tips and guidelines and you’ll be going above and beyond simple cat ownership and into being the best cat owner you can be. There is always more to learn about cat behavior

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