How to Reunite with Your Lost Dog

A lost dog is likely to cause distressful and panicky feelings for the dog’s parents. It is the same for your dog, too. It may sound quite challenging, but hear us out: You should at least try to stay calm when your furry friend goes missing. Even though you think you do not know what to do immediately after you find out about your lost dog, there are several things to do to find them and bring them home. 

How to Reunite with Your Lost Dog

The first step is to remain calm and not panic. Even if it feels like the worst nightmare, remember that one-third of the dogs in the USA get lost once in their lifetime. Of course, it is natural to be afraid for your precious friend; however, it just prevents you from thinking clearly and deciding what to do next. 

You will need a plan to reunite with your lost dog. Build one by considering a lost dog’s behavior patterns and your dog’s personality, but you can not make it with a blurry mind. Now, take a few deep breaths and follow these steps.

Search the House Completely

Calling your dog’s name, but you have nothing. It is distressing, but it does not have to mean that the furry friend has gone missing. If your dog has gotten scared of something, they probably hid inside the house. Besides, they may be playing in their favorite playgrounds around the house and feeling lazy to come to you. 

Therefore, you should search the house thoroughly, including inside the closets, garage, basement, garden, and anywhere else that comes to your mind. Make sure they didn’t get stuck in a closet somewhere. You can take their favorite toy or treat to lure them out. Still nothing? Then, get to work with the next steps. 

Call Your Neighbors

You may find your lost dog around the neighborhood. Call your neighbors and ask them if they have seen your buddy. If not, they can be alerted and search for them with you, or at least keep their eyes peeled. 

If you have moved recently, and the old house is around the same neighborhood, you should check to see whether your furry buddy got confused and went to the wrong home. Their sense of smell may be pulling them back to their old stomping grounds. 

Check the Microchip Database

If your dog has a microchip, the first thing to do is to call the company and report that your dog has gone missing. This way, when someone finds the pet, they can have the microchip scanned at just about any animal clinic, and you can get the best news in the world. 

If your furry friend is not implanted with a microchip, you should come and do it at Acoma Animal Clinic first in the morning!    

Call Vets and Shelters Around You

Let all the local vet clinics, shelters, and rescue centers know you need help finding a lost dog. You must do this as soon as possible if your dog does not have anything on them to show they belong to you. You can also go to the shelters and rescue centers every day until you reunite with your lost dog. Share your contact information with vets and shelters, and be available for any news. 

Print “Lost Dog Posters” And Hand Them Out 

Prepare a lost dog poster with a recent and clear photo, name, detailed physical description, the last-seen area, and contact information. You should print and hang them around the area your dog got lost and the doors of local shops. Pay attention to making the poster visible and attention-grabbing. Use a template for the poster to prepare it as soon as possible.

Post It On Social Media 

You should post the poster you prepared on your social media networks and pet-owners groups online. You can ask them to look for your lost dog or let you know where they have seen them. Also, you can use many websites and forums for pet owners to spread the word and get help searching for your lost dog. 

Don’t Give Up

Remember, it is possible and natural to feel like you are losing your strength if your lost dog does not appear right away. However, you should not give up on your buddy and think about all the dog parents who reunite with their lost dogs after days, weeks, and even months. Just be persistent and go on searching with a systematic approach. Make your plan, stick to it, and keep up the good work.

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