How to Show Your Pet Love, In Ways They’ll Understand: Cat Edition

Hey there and welcome back to the Acoma Animal Clinic blog! This month we’re going to talk about something that you probably think you know everything about and that’s how to show your pet you love them. But hold on just a minute there! What you don’t know might surprise you! After all, humans understand and receive love differently from person to person, what makes us think that our pooches or kitties understand it? Most of these may seem obvious, but take them to heart and show your furry friend just how much you love them in ways they understand.


Ever find yourself sitting on the couch while your cat attempts to groom you? That’s because it’s a sign of affection! While we don’t recommend getting on all fours and licking at your cat’s head, you can mimic this by getting a warm, damp cloth and running it along with his back and head. A gentle brushing can work wonders as well so long as their coat is already healthy and not tangled.

Head Bonk

Not one to be initiated by you, but received is the head butt. Cats show trust and love by gently bopping their heads off yours. If you see your furry friend looking for it, lean into the bonk and let them rub their face against yours. They’ll feel great being able to express their love and understanding yours back.

Cat Naps!

The easiest of all ways to show your pet you love them is to take a snooze with them. A cat that trusts and loves you will be able to comfortably snooze around you, to reciprocate means the world to them. Next time you find yourself seeking a couple of Z’s why not curl up on the couch where your kitty is and show just how much you love and trust them.

These have been just three of a many ways to show your cat you care, certainly not the only ones, don’t skimp on treats! Next time on the blog we’ll look at ways to show your dog you love them as much as they love you. Til then, go head bonk you best friend!

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