How to Show Your Pet Love, In Ways They’ll Understand: Dog Edition

Welcome back to the Acoma Animal Clinic Blog! Last time we told you how to shower your cat with affection in ways they’ll understand, though they love the pets and treats regardless! This time it’s the dog edition, and some of these may surprise you!

Lean on Them

You may have heard that some dogs don’t like to be fully hugged, that it stresses them out? Well, a variant of that contact that dogs do tend to enjoy is the sensation of being leaned on. Ever have your dog lean on your leg while standing next to you? That’s their version of the hug, showing that they trust you. So go ahead and lean on your pooch the next time you’re sitting together. Not to the point of making them feel crushed of course but just a little press, so they know you trust them.

It’s All in the Face

Lots of emotions go through the face, and your dog knows it. Scientists have shown that when greeting their owners, dogs display more activity on the left side of their face, specifically raising their eyebrow. When greeting your friend raise your eyebrows and they’ll understand it as recognition and excitement. Chances are you already do this subconsciously because you are excited to see them!
Another, a lesser known method is to gaze into your pup’s eyes. When relaxing with your dog, pet and speak to them softly and stare deep into their eyes. A professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University suggests this one as a way to release oxytocin in your furry friend, chemically bonding with them. Best not to try this with a stranger dog, however, they’ll take it as a sign of aggression.

Let Your Pooch Lay with You

Much like we mentioned last time with cats, dogs understand the ability to sleep around another creature as showing trust and love. Shower that trust and love back on them by curling up in bed, or on the couch, or even on the floor for a few minutes with them will let them know just how much you trust and love them.

These have just been a few of the many ways to show your dog best friend how much they mean to you in ways they’ll understand. Now get out there, stare lovingly into your pup’s eyes, give them a treat, and hit the hay! Your pack is as loving as can be!

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