How To Survive Your Dog’s Shedding Season?

As much as we love our furry friends, we hate how much they can shed. Depending on the breed, some dogs will shed once per year, while others shed year-round. And when they shed, they do it everywhere! Before you know it, you’ll find hair all over the couch, piling up in corners, covering your clothes, and even in areas where your dog doesn’t hang around! But before you take a trip to the groomers, here are some useful tips on how to better manage shedding season:

  • Take time to brush. The more you brush your dog, the less hair will fall all over the floor. With constant brushing, you will be able to remove the excess hair in such a way that it becomes confined to the little area you’re brushing… which means less hair around the house! With a plethora of grooming tools to choose from, we suggest looking for a “deshedder.” With proper use, a deshedder can remove all of the loose, detached hair throughout your dog’s coat.
  • Switch up the food. Just like us humans, all animals are sensitive to what they eat. Therefore, your dog’s current diet might explain some of excess shedding going on. If you believe that your dog is shedding more than it should, it might be in your best interest to try another brand of food to see if there is any substantial difference in the amount of shed. If you’re not too keen on trying another brand of dog food, add some fatty oil supplements to their diet. These oils help to hydrate their skin and support a healthy coat which reduces shedding. Remember, it’s crucial to ensure that you are providing your dog with enough nutrients to support a balanced diet.
  • Show some love! Again, just like humans, animals are tuned into their emotions, and recognize changes in their home environments. It could be the case that your dog is shedding more so than usual due to stress. Obviously, your dog isn’t putting in a 40 hour work week. But if you find yourself working overtime and spending less time at home than usual, you could be stressing your dog. Whatever the case, showing your dog extra love and attention can help them make it through a stressful environmental change, which would reduce their shedding and help them acclimate to change.

At Acoma Animal Clinic, we strive to help you and your dog live healthily and peacefully. If you believe your dog might be ill, or have any questions regarding a change in diet, don’t wait to call us at (520) 441-3860.

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