Is My Dog in Pain?

Last time on the Acoma Animal Clinic blog we gave you the causes for why your dog might be limping about the house, unfortunately not all injuries our four legged friends suffer are as easy to identify with limping. Here are some other ways your pet might be telling you they are hurt.

Heavy Panting

While panting is normal behavior, heavy panting can be a cause for concern. While hot weather or lots of exercise can have Fido panting heavier, if it seems to have come up out of nowhere it may be caused by stress or pain.

Excessive Grooming

While grooming themselves is a normal behavior, it pays to keep a close eye on your friend. If you see they are focusing on a specific area, it could be from an injury, as your dog will be attempting to care for and clean the injury even if it doesn’t have a surface wound.

Loss of Appetite

Just like us, our dogs will sometimes lose any sense of hunger while they’re not feeling well. If your pup isn’t hitting the food bowl when its chow time, pay attention.

Behavior Changes

This can be lots of different behaviors. Avoid If your dog becomes aggressive or isn’t rushing to the door like he used to, avoiding the petting of friends and family, something is clearly up. Pain can influence your dog in all sorts of behavioral ways just like it does for us. If your dog seems to be behaving abnormally or avoiding stairs or difficult to navigate areas, it can be a sign of pain.

If you notice any of these changes in your dog’s behavior, it is time to take them in to the vet and see what might be ailing them. The earlier, the better as with correct treatment your dog won’t have to suffer through pain any longer than necessary and they’ll be back to their food inhaling, people pleasing, hyperactive selves.

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