Is My Pet Okay? – Cat Symptoms Edition

There are no words to describe the feeling you have towards your furry, adorable pet friends. Owning an animal opens up your heart to a love that may not be shared with anyone or anything else. There is an undeniable connection every time you come home and see the excitement on their face. It is contagious – just seeing them makes you smile!


Welcome back to the Acoma Animal Clinic Blog! Our last blog dove into some important signals regarding health issues for dogs. We emphasized the fact that animals can’t use words to explain how they are feeling, so it is up to the owners to watch for behavioral changes. This time we are going to look at some cat symptoms and what they potentially mean.


Alarming Cat Symptoms


Change in Appearance


Cats are an independent and somewhat anti-social animal. They are known for their self-grooming attributes, making them a lower-maintenance pet to own. Due to this, owners do not have to take them to the groomers or bathe them all that often.


If you notice that your cat is looking a bit messier than usual, this is a sign that something could be bothering them. It might be from lack of energy or from an unseen illness. In this situation, it is important to just pay closer attention to their behavior in order to determine if there is a major issue or not.




Don’t you just love rubbing your cat’s belly or stroking their back? We all know the reason why we do this… to make them purr! Any cat parent will tell you how adorable it is when their little friend makes this sound. It is always indescribably cute when cats seem to communicate by meowing too!


However, it is important to note if your cat is meowing more than normal. This could be a warning that they are in some sort of pain. Although it may be cute, it could be them crying for help. Just be aware if they are in need of assistance or if they are in the mood to play. For more information on excessive vocalization, check out this article.


Lack of Appetite


All living creatures need food and water to survive. Dogs will bark, cats will meow, and babies cry if these basic needs aren’t met. We are all alike in this area. Whether human or animal, it is important to be receiving the proper nutrients to live a healthy life. If you are a pet owner, you are held accountable to making sure that your loved one is getting properly cared for.


Like mentioned above, cats are independent. Usually, if you leave food out for them, they will eat it at their own leisure. Nevertheless, it is crucial to make sure they are eating as much as they should be. If you notice a change or lack of consuming, this could be alarming. Be sure to keep track of your kitty’s diet and help them live a healthy life.


Abnormal Growths


You are having a bonding moment with your cat, and you notice something under their fur that alarms you. As you pet their back, you feel a bump on their skin. You may instantly think of worst case scenarios, however there are many reasons that could’ve caused this – some more severe than others.


One of the minor reasons there is a lump on your cat is due to a recent shot they have received. They may have a contusion or bruise that is swollen and will go away in a few days. In this case, you don’t have to worry. On the flip side of things, the bump could be an abscess or a tumor. An abscess is a swollen, infected area that may have come about from your cat being bitten or scratched. A tumor is an abnormal growth of tissue that is usually swollen without being irritated. To be safe, it is best to take your pet to see a veterinarian.


Cats are one of the cutest and cuddliest pets to own. They tend to have a sassy personality and not afraid to show their independence. As owners, it’s your responsibility that your loved ones stay healthy and safe. If you have an instinct that something is possibly wrong with them, the best thing you can do is take them to a veterinarian. Not only will they get proper care, but it will also ease your mind from worrying. Contact us to set up regular check-ups!

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