Is My Pet Okay? – Dog Symptoms Edition


If you have a pet, you probably think and worry about them all the time – just like having a child! As pet parents, you have the responsibility of taking the best care of your fur babies. Today, on the Acoma Animal Clinic Blog, we will be discussing specifically dog symptoms that might worry owners.


When concerned about your dog’s health, it is often wondered “What are the symptoms my dog is feeling? And why?”  These indications may suggest a problem that is really minor or severe, and the unknown is stressful. Either way, it is important to be aware and attentive to your precious pup’s behavior and well-being. So, let’s look at some of these red flags and uncover health issues that may be the underlying source.


Dog Symptoms That Cause Concern



Dogs are known to be very happy and lively animals. Generally, they love going on walks, running around outside, and activities like so. They have big personalities and always seem to uplift everyone they meet. This energy is infectious and very noticeable.


If you see a change in this behavior, it may spark some worry. Indeed, with age, dogs happen to naturally lose this vivacity. However, no matter how old your dog is, it is important to verify that nothing is wrong with their health. Lethargy could be a sign of a bunch of different issues, so it’s always reassuring to have a veterinarian do check up.




As mentioned above, dogs are very playful and energetic animals. You oftentimes watch them chow down as quickly as they can and then continue running amok. Occasionally, this will upset their stomachs and throw up from getting a little too rowdy right after eating a meal. If this happens, they generally will snap out of it and go on doing what they previously were. However, if this is a regular occurrence, that points to something unusual.


There is usually a bigger need to worry if your dog has been eating irregularly. Not consuming enough food can lead to anorexia or malnutrition. Constant vomiting is unhealthy and abnormal for dogs. Make sure you take your dog to a veterinarian if you notice something seems wrong. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the furry ones you love.


Weight Loss


Dogs may sometimes face weight loss from a few different reasons. Like described above, if a dog vomits too frequently this could lead to or reveal a more severe health issue. It is important to pay attention to your dog’s weight because too much fluctuation is unhealthy and alarming.


One of the scarier causes of weight loss is a worm in the stomach. There a few internal parasites, like tapeworms and hookworms, that are sometimes found in dogs. These worms not only lead to weight lost but can be detrimental and deadly if not properly attended to. If you think a worm is a possible problem for your dog, be sure to go get it checked right away.



Scratching and Biting


A dog scratching or biting themselves excessively sparks a motive for concern. There are many reasons that our dogs may do this to their skin. Oftentimes, the root of this itching is from an external parasite – like a flea or tick. Dogs love to play outdoors, so they are always around these little (sometimes microscopic) insects.


If there is an infestation of them in the skin, then your dog will become very uncomfortable. The parasites will cause your dog to constantly nip at the affected area. This biting and scratching is their way of trying to relieve the pain they are feeling. Although we may not always be able to see these bugs with the naked eye, do not rule out your dog having them. Make sure that you are giving proper medicine and taking precautions throughout the year to prevent these critters from irritating your dog’s skin.



All in all, canines are loyal pals that rely on their owners to take good care of them. It is crucial to pay attention to their daily lives and notice when things seem off. Since they do not have the capability to vocalize and express how they are feeling, it is up to the caregivers to be attentive. Like humans, not every dog symptom means that something incredibly is wrong, but it is still good to get checked up by a doctor when there is suspicion.

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