Is Pet Insurance Worth It

No one likes it when their pet is sick, but at one point or another, there comes a time when a pet has to visit the vet. When a pet is injured or sick, it can be very stressful financially and emotionally for pet owners. This is because vet procedures can cost a lot for people, especially those who do not have pet insurance. Remember that all pets can need a vet at some point in their life – old, healthy, outdoor, and indoor. Even young animals that don’t show any signs of an illness can benefit from pet insurance. We will discuss what pet insurance covers and if it is right for you.

What Pet Insurance Covers

If you choose to get pet insurance, it is vital to pay attention to what your pet insurance includes. Some pet insurance plans cover very little, and some can even cover wellness checks. Many pet insurance plans cover accidents, illnesses, and even hereditary conditions. The following are some situations that could be covered by pet insurance for dogs and cats, depending on your plan.

  • Routine veterinarian checkups.
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Illness
  • Injury from accidents
  • Prescriptions
  •  Microchips

Many of these situations will occur at one point or another during a pet’s life. Pet insurance covers these situations and can make you feel prepared and calm during your vet visits. 

What Pet Insurance Doesn’t (Usually) Cover

Just like with your health insurance, there are certain things that pet insurance might not cover. Finding a pet insurance plan that covers the following is not easy. You likely won’t find coverage for:

  • Cosmetic alterations to your pet
  • Medical problems that occur before the pet insurance coverage
  • Breeding animals

 Most pet insurance plans will not cover those procedures. Talk to a pet insurance plan provider to determine which procedures will be covered and which will not.

Pet Insurance for Young Pets

Even young cats and dogs can benefit from pet insurance. Many people are under the misconception that only senior animals can benefit from pet insurance because it’s unlikely for younger pets to have severe medical conditions. However, there are many situations where pet insurance can come in handy for young animals, and the following are those situations.

  • Young animals can still get injured, and pet insurance can help offset some of those costs
  • Young animals can still face common medical conditions
  • All animals should be taken to the vet for regular checkups, and pet insurance can help reduce those costs
  • Young animals could still need prescription medication or food, which can be covered with pet insurance

Just because an animal is young doesn’t mean it won’t need medical care. All animals eventually need to see the vet for both minor and severe situations. Not keeping pet insurance on your animals can cost you a lot in the long run.

Pet Insurance for Old Pets

Senior pets are more susceptible to chronic medical conditions than younger animals, such as leg injuries, organ failure (commonly kidney failure), and digestive problems. Having pet insurance on an older animal can help you offset some of the costs that you can incur as time goes on. Older pets may need more prescriptions, frequent vet visits, and medical procedures than young pets.

Even if your animal is not showing signs of aging yet, it would be best to cover them with pet insurance just to be safe. Pet insurance is beneficial for pets of all ages.

Reduce Stress

Visiting the vet is not only stressful for your pet, it is stressful for you too. Between being concerned about your pet’s health and your wallet, vet visits can be a stressful time altogether. Pet insurance can help minimize the stress that you feel when you visit a veterinarian’s office.

Financial costs associated with vet visits can be significantly reduced with the use of pet insurance because it can cover regular visits as well as prescriptions and medical procedures. 
Cats and dogs of all ages will eventually need to go to the vet. Sometimes the vet is necessary for serious conditions and injuries, and sometimes the vet is necessary for just a standard checkup. However, no matter what reason you go to the vet, it will cost you money that can add up in the long or short run, depending on the reason you’re there. Contact us today to learn more about pet insurance.

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