Keeping a Tick and Flea Free Yard for You and Your Pet

Welcome back to the Acoma Animal Clinic blog! Last time around, we discussed some of the most common pests that infest our yards, attack our pets, and invade our homes. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, scorpions, and more are all common pests that take up residence when we slack on our upkeep. This time on the blog, we want to give you a rundown of what steps to take to keep a tick and flea (and mosquito and scorpion!) free yard, because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Keeping a Tick and Flea Free Yard

Believe it or not, proper yard maintenance is a crucial step not just for looks, but for pet health too! As we mentioned at the end of the last blog, the yard is where those pests are most likely to start their invasion of your home and furry friends, so denying them this is huge!

Trim it Up

Shrubs, grass, and plants should be trimmed up neatly. This has multiple benefits. One, with more well kempt bushes and shrubs there is less places for pests to find out of sight. Remember some of the natural predators for pests like birds hunt them down and gobble them up before they ever become a problem. By keeping your bushes and shrubs neat, birds and other predators can more easily get to them.

Also, the shorter the grasses and weeds, the more sunlight that can reach the ground. The more sunlight that reaches the ground, the drier the lawn. The drier the lawn, the less moisture there is to sustain ticks and fleas.

Dry it Out

Speaking of moisture, make sure your yard has proper drainage and that there aren’t any spots for the water to collect following rainfall etc.  The more standing water there is, the more likely you are to find yourself with all sorts of critters thriving in the yard, as well as mosquitoes in particular! If you have a fountain that has broken down, or a kids pool that stays full due to laziness now is the time to correct that.

Clean Up Debris

There are few places scorpions love to live more than a pile of construction debris. It makes for dark hidden spots, where they can stay cool during the day and attracts their prey. Go around your yard and pick up anything that might be a hidden oasis for pests, including old cardboard boxes, piles of unused wood, or long neglected children’s toys. Could you imagine picking up a sand bucket as a child only to discover a scorpion had moved in? Horrifying.

Be Cautious with Sprays

While upping the scale to chemical warfare might seem like the right idea in your battle with pests, it can do more harm than good! Many sprays will kill the healthy, good organisms growing about in your garden that can act as deterrents to pests. In fact, if you want to go a real eco-friendly way, you can find nematodes in a garden supply store. These tiny worm-like creatures are smaller even than fleas and they like to feed on fleas and their eggs. They are harmless to people and pets thankfully. Introduce these to your garden to cut down on the flea population.

While we all want to have beautiful, lively gardens whether they’re reflective of the deserts we call home or otherwise, there is a certain level of life we don’t want. That means proper upkeep, maintenance, and a close eye on all things growing and going in your yard. Your pets enjoy the green grass as much as you do, but nobody wants to come back inside covered in parasites hitching a ride. So grab you gloves, and head out o work and protect your yard, your pets, your home, your family! As always if you need any help with current pet problems or conditions, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today!

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