New Year’s Resolutions For You and Your Pet

New year resolutions mean making your life happier and healthier. As your life is intertwined with your pet’s life, why not include them in the new goals of the new year? A new year means new opportunities for you and your pet to find new ways to strengthen the bond between you. Acoma Animal Clinic wishes you and your pet a better year with your resolutions!

New Year’s Resolutions For You and Your Pet

At the time when we have entered a brand new year, consider including your pet in your resolutions. It will be an excellent resolution for your pet to live a better life with your help; they improve your health by being with you, after all. Now, let’s look at some resolutions for you and your pet. 

Exercise Your Mind

Mental and physical activity is one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to working on building new habits in the new year. This goes for both of you and your pet. You can teach your pet a new trick or keep working on perfecting the last trick. Meanwhile, you can take up a new puzzle game to play.  

Stay Fit and Healthy Together

You can start a diet and exercise program together if you and your pet enjoy food. Even if it is not the case, you should always mind your pet’s daily amount of food, while most pet owners tend to measure the food with by rule of thumb, which leads to unintended weight gain. Homemade treats or healthy snacks (particularly fruit and vegetables) can be an excellent start for healthier eating habits (for you and your pet!)

Clean Teeth for Everyone

Improving your and your furry friend’s dental hygiene can be another great resolution. Brushing your teeth twice and your pet’s once a day will step up your dental hygiene game. Remember that oral bacteria resulting from neglected dental care can lead to different health problems for you and for your pet!

A Stronger Bond

There are so many ways to enhance the bond you share. In fact, the resolution is that you prioritize your pet when it comes to their fun time. Don’t be glued to your phone while playing with them. While in a dog park, put the phone away and avoid getting lost in a conversation; instead, pay attention to your pet. It is important to appreciate them with full attention. 

Overall Wellness and Preventive Care

The beginning of a year can be a good time for overall wellness and preventive care for you and your pet. You can plan the whole year regarding the things to do daily, weekly, and monthly and mark them on your calendar. Remember your own medical check-ups to make sure that everything is fine. 

Drink More Water 

Staying hydrated is not just important for people. It is for our pets, too. It is easily forgettable, but it is essential for your overall well-being, such as maintaining a healthy body temperature and skin. Therefore, as the resolution requires, you should clean your pet’s water bowl by refreshing it daily and be aware of your own hydration.

Last Words on New Year’s Resolutions For You and Your Pet

Healthier and happier lives with our pets are possible with more care and attention. Regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and sharing a more robust bond by spending quality time together will brighten your year with new types of happiness and satisfaction. 

At Acoma Animal Clinic, we are ready to play our part in your new year’s resolutions to care for your pets! 

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