Our 2019 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! The holidays have passed and we are ready to get back into the office and back on our grind. We hope your holidays were just as wonderful as you got to spend time with friends and family, furry and otherwise! With the New Year’s comes New Year Resolutions! We decided to put together some of the best resolutions you can have to be the best parent you can be. Let’s get right to it!

Best Pet Parent New Year’s Resolutions

Keep Active

This one has the double benefit of fitting with so many American’s resolutions to lose weight, move more, and get healthier! It’s important to walk your dogs or play with your pets and their toys every day. This keeps them engaged, expending energy that might otherwise get pent up and converted into stress behaviors. Active pets also tend to live longer! So get their toys, play some tug-of-war and go for a walk. They (and you) will benefit from the exercise!

Start a Training Regime

You might be thinking your pup’s ‘bad’ behavior will change once they grow out of being puppies. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Those pups may calm down or pick up a few new traits on their own, they do still need your guiding hand. If you have a puppy or are soon to get one, commit to training them while they’re little and it can build a better, long-term habit. Some breeds need training especially those stubborn or hyperactive pooches. You can even speak with an experienced animal behaviorist to help with specific conditions.

Consistently Clean Pet Bowls

Have you ever been so busy and stressed the dishes just pile up in the sink? You swear you’ll get to them when you have a moment to breathe. Finally, a week and a half later you get them done, but boy it was gross. What was that thing growing along the sink? Now, when was the last time you actually cleaned your pets water or kibble bowl? Yeah, it’s probably been a bit. Bacteria can grow in there and make your pet sick so tend to it just as regularly as you do your own!

Regular Check-Ups

Pets’ regular vet check-ups are often left behind until something bad crops up. Sometimes people are the same way with their own health. But not you, not this year! Keep your vet appointments regularly scheduled and go. A wellness check at least once a year is all that’s required! Keeping a closer eye on your pet’s health means they are less likely to have anything catastrophic occur and any complications that might grow worse can be caught early. It’s simple as that.

Happy Pet Hygiene

Giving your pet a bath is crucial but it isn’t the only part of their hygiene routine you need to stay up on! Long nails can make it difficult for our furry friends to walk or lead to even joint issues later on! So, in addition to that regular bath schedule trim their nails when you can! If your dog or cat is too difficult and won’t let you near their nails then maybe it’s time to take them into a salon and have professional help. Regardless, your pet will feel and look so much better!

We hope you can follow these resolutions throughout 2019 and onward to provide your pets the best life and they, in turn, can provide years of joy to you. If you are in the Tucson area and need to schedule your first annual wellness checkup for Spot or Garfield, give us a call at Acoma Animal Clinic. We are here and happy to help!

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