Pet Adoption Tips

Few things in life can be as rewarding as having a pet. The love that they bring to your family and home, the joy of their furry bodies bounding around the house. Here at Acoma Animal Clinic we know this, it’s why we do what we do, providing healthy, happy lives to animals is our passion. Dogs and cats are some of the best additions to a family we can ever experience, but not all of them have a home. Right now, there are hundreds of pets seeking their furever home. If you are looking for a pet and are curious about the process that goes into adoption then please keep reading, because while it is one of the most rewarding thing you can do, it does take some work!

First, make sure you are really ready to adopt. Taking in a life, even a small furry one (or a massive hairy one!) is a lot of work, money, and effort. It is not something to be taken lightly. Dogs can live up to 15 years while cats can be happily purring at your feet for 20! The point is, you’ll be bringing these friends into your life for a long time and you will have to make concessions as they become a fixture in your life. Even if things change, you will need to care for your pet.

cute dog and cat, pet adoptionRemember that there are costs to pet ownership past the initial adoption fees. There are supplies, food, vet visits, tags, and more. Will your children or other current pets get along with another pet? Do you have the time to dedicate to the training and playing of your pet?

If, after all of those considerations, you are still ready and willing to adopt then here are some tips to make sure you and your new friend make a forever home.

Pet Adoption Tips:

  • If adopting a cat, make sure everyone understands and is prepared for a cat. They are less likely to be as rambunctious as, say a puppy, until they feel safe.
  • If adopting a dog, consider your current home unit and if a puppy, or larger dog is more appropriate. Often if there are young kids, it can be better to adopt an older, medium sized dog.
  • Regardless of type, make sure you spay or neuter your pet!
  • Check to make sure any plants in or around your home are not poisonous to your new friend.
  • Provide a variety of toys and scratching posts for dogs and cats. If they have ‘safe’ and encouraged things to get their energy out on, they’ll be less likely to destroy your couch or sandals. But accidents do happen!
  • Rolling up and storing rugs while your new puppy becomes house trained may be a good idea, and save you a world of cleaning headaches.
  • Have plenty of beds in rooms in which you don’t want your new pet crawling over the furniture. They’re more likely to go to the ‘ok’ alternative if they have the option.

Pet adoption is obviously a big undertaking! These tips don’t cover everything there is to know, but we wanted to offer some time-tested advice so any new pet adopter will make the right choices! If you do adopt a pet, remember to take care of them with regular checkups, and enjoy the ride!

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