Pitbulls: Friendly or Aggressive? The Truth May Surprise You

Pitbulls: Friendly or Aggressive? The Truth May Surprise You

If you’re reading this, you are probably wondering, “are pitbulls aggressive”? Pitbulls have been called into question for many decades. They are known by many to be aggressive, ruthless, and killers; however, Acoma Animal Clinic is here to give you the truth behind this sweet breed.

The origins of pitbulls are not entirely clear. They are considered to be more a breed of breeds. Often times the term “pitbull” is used interchangeably between different breeds which include:

  • American Bulldog
  • American Pitbull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • English Bull Terrier
  • Staffordshire Terrier

Go ahead, look them up… you’ll be amazed!

Naturally an alpha dog, pitbulls require good training and an owner who will be the alpha, but not aggressive with the dog. Just like any other dog, pitbulls require an owner who will love them and take proper care of them. Pitbulls tend to have high energy and love to run around exploring the world – they are a curious breed sniffing every butt along the way! If you feel as though you won’t have time to train your dog, walk your dog, or spend much time with your dog then you should reconsider getting one – no matter the breed. Dogs require constant attention and love. All they want is to bring you happiness.

Because of the size and muscle mass that a pitbull carries they are a popular breed for puppy mills to be used in dog fighting rings. Once, and if, they are rescued from these puppy mills and fight clubs they may have difficulty trusting humans again as they were raised to be in a fight or flight situation creating aggression –  no different than any human instinct. This aggression is caused by the lack of training and hatred they are shown – creating the need to protect themselves – just like any person would portray in a dire situation. But with proper care they can trust again.

The media often creates labels on certain dogs as dangerous or loving, but more often than not it all has to do with how the dog is trained. Studies have shown that most attacks are from unneutered and neglected dogs of all breeds. Today, because of the mislabeling of pitbulls as aggressive and dangerous the media portrays this dog in a bad light more often than most breeds, versus talking about a golden-retriever attacking someone. This is no different than during World War II the media made Americans fearful of German Shepherds and Rottweilers because they were favored as guard dogs by German’s.

If you properly research how people feel about pitbull’s you will find they are an intelligent breed, good with children, and are loved by their families! If you are curious to see how these animals react to people check out the reality TV show Pitbulls and Parolees…it will certainly show you how sweet they truly are. No matter your decision to buy or adopt a pitbull, having the proper knowledge on this breed can change just one dog’s life from being in a shelter forever, to having a family to come home to everyday.

When adopting or buying any breed of dog, be sure to always do your research to see if the common personality of the dog will fit with you and your family. If you do buy from a breeder, be sure that the breeder is reliable, willing to meet in person, and willing to introduce you to the litter’s mother and father. We hope this gives you more insight on just how important it is to do your research and that pitbulls, just like any other dog, are searching for a loving home.

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