Positive Effects of Owning a Cat

Last month, I wrote a blog about the great joys that owning a dog can bring to a person. This month, I thought it would only be fair if the felines received recognition as well. Cats, after all, are alongside dogs as one of the most popular pets to own.

In fact, “owning a cat” might be the incorrect term to use. We all know cats do not actually have owners. Am I right? We should feel fortunate when a cat chooses us as their territory.

Most cat owners will even say owning a cat is like having a spiritual guardian.

What Makes Cats Special

During the time of ancient Egypt, cats were highly praised. You can see their influence in goddesses such as Bastet and Mafdet who are both depicted as great protectors. A reason for this is cats kept vermin, rats and mice, which carried diseases, out of people’s homes.

In Japan’s history, there is a famous cat character named Maneki Neko. The cat is often portrayed as waving by holding up one paw. Today, statues of the cat can be found in front of people’s homes and shops in hopes that it will bring them luck, wealth and attract customers.

In modern times, cats are still greatly loved and appreciated for many reasons.

Your Cat is a Reflection of You

Your personal energy can have a major affect on your feline friend. If you are stressed, chances are, your cat is most likely stressed too. Even more, a cat’s hearing is superior to humans; arguments or shouting matches between you and your loved ones can give your four-legged companion serious migraines. 

So, it is better to be on your best behavior around your cat. Clearly.

Also, when cats are presented with an unfamiliar item or event, they will base their moods or reactions according to that of their owners. This is referred to as social referencing. And this is also how much they trust you.

Contrary to the belief cats are aloof, cats are more so intelligent and proud creatures. They are not cunning, but rather hold great affection toward their owners and expect to receive affection back. Your cat will not only appreciate a loving environment but also reciprocate the positive and peaceful energy back to you in forms of cuddles and purrs.

Your Cat Will Give Back to You

Cats are healers, holding massive potential for healing and therapeutic energies towards their owner. Playing with a cat can bring harmony to a person’s wellbeing by releasing oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine through out their body.

Scientific studies have also proven that a cat’s purr vibrates at a frequency, between 20-140 HZ, adding healing to the bones and muscles of a person. For those who have heart disease, owning a cat, can potentially reduce your risk of a stroke by 30%.

Great alarm clocks, they will also make sure you wake up on time for work or school as cats like routine. And do you ever wonder your cat sleeps on your feet? First, it is to keep them selves from being squished as you rollover during your sleep. Second, it is so they are close enough to protect you of any lurking danger.

Additionally, cats are known to be hygienic animals; this is evident in how often they groom and clean themselves. Or, how often they even lick you! They are only trying to keep you clean, too. Also, with a cat, you can also rest assure knowing your house will be clear from dirty pests such as mice.

How to Care for Your Cat

Now that you are aware of the many ways owning a cat can bring joy to your life, it is only fair you know how to give back to your cat.

One important characteristic about cats is they are experts at hiding their illness. This is innate, a trait they have learned as a survival tactic. Sadly, though, cats are highly prone to illnesses like arthritis, trauma and tumors. They also may experience problems with their teeth or bones.

If you notice any behavioral changes in your cat like a lack of energy, not wanting to be touched, constant biting or continuous licking of their fur, these could be signs your cat might not be feeling so well.

If this is the case, please know it is never a good idea to give your cat human medication. This can result in severe consequences for your cat. Instead, please call your local vet or contact us right away. We, at Acoma Animal Clinic in Tucson, are always here for you and your special feline friend!

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