The 7 Most Vocal Cat Breeds

Do you have a cat who seems to be particularly vocal? Do you want a feline friend who is more chatty than most? This time on the Acoma Animal Clinic blog we are looking at seven of the most vocal cat breeds to delight or terrorize you – or both!

The 7 Most Vocal Cat Breeds

The Siamese

The number one, absolute tippy top of the vocal cat breed ladder is the Siamese. This breed is known for wanting constant attention from their humans, but also for seemingly relentless chattering. Meowing when they wake up, when they’re excited, when they want pets, when they want food, when they want you to notice what they are doing, when they’re alone, when they stare at the wall…. You get it.

If you’re not a huge fan of the meowing, cats are smart and you can actually train them out of this – but their propensity for meowing will make this tougher than the average feline.

The Bengal

Bengals are absolutely beautiful cats and not only do they enjoy a nice meow, they also like to be really loud! Bengals have a similar behavior to watch dogs interestingly, so they will meow when strangers come to the door. They may also meow when they feel they are not receiving the proper amount of attention or if it’s meal time – you didn’t forget about meal time did you?

If you’re looking to help them keep it down, make sure you give them plenty of attention and exercise. Use toys, treat balls, or even puzzle feeders to keep them entertained and occupied and prevent them from wandering the halls meowing.

The Turkish Van

This medium-length coat bread are beautiful and loving, and yes chatterboxes. The Turkish Van is a rare breed of cat bred in the UK to have white hair on their body with their only coloring on their heads and tails. They meow at just about anything, though thankfully they prefer snuggling in bed to meowing in your face and keeping you awake all night. Turkish Vans have a very musical quality to their sounds, making their incessant talking easy to acclimate to.

The American Bobtail

American Bobtails are wild looking, devoted, social, and easy going pets. They’re incredibly confident, friendy and sweet and many owners report their Bobtail having an almost dog-like personality, loving to play games like fetch or even being leashed for a walk around the neighborhood.

With all that personality comes a voice to match! American Bobtails are known for their love of chirps, trills, clicks, purrs, and meows – all used during moments of fun and pleasure. Their Japanese cousins, the Japanese Bobtail is also known for it’s vocalness.

The Turkish Angora

Another Turk here on the list, however unlike the Van, this breed actually is from Turkey! They have incredible hair with fluffy tails making them look like fluffy kittens throughout adulthood. They’re very friendly but when they’re bored and staring outdoors? Well then you’ll know about it! You’ll hear them meowing up a storm about what’s going on.

The Ocicat

While the Ocicate may look wild, they are a fully domesticate breed – but they sure don’t sound like it! Sometimes Ocicates sound like a wild cat out in the wild, yowling for attention, food, or water, whatever situation they deem important, they’ll let you know!

The Siberian

The Siberian is a confident, compassionate, independent breed – and yeah, adorable as can be! Owners of Siberians report having cats meow nonstop for 5 to 15 minutes, yowling regularly when they wander the home at 4am, or even being silent! Just shows you how much individual cat personality can influence them! For the most part however, if you have a Siberian you can expect them to 

These are just a few of the breeds of cats who are particularly vocal – believe us they are far from the only ones. And individual personalities might mean your vocal breed is quiet, or a relatively quiet breed is talkative! Just be sure that there’s nothing wrong – they’re not trying to tell you something’s up and that they just like to talk!

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