The Basics of Dog Care (Part One)

Bringing a dog home to join the family is a joyous occasion. Dogs truly are man’s best friend. They shower us with affection and unconditional love. They can enrich our lives in so many ways. However, they do have physical and emotional needs! Needs that we, as their owners are responsible for taking care of. Before you bring a dog home, it is important to make sure you are prepared to care for them properly. That may be a bigger job than you initially believed! Let’s go over some of the basics of dog care.

Feeding and Nutrition

Your new pup is going to be a hungry little guy! He is going to be totally reliant on you for food. You want him to grow up to be big, strong and healthy, which means making sure he has a proper diet. As a rule, it is good to avoid dog food which prominently features grain or meat by-product. You can always ask your vet for recommendations. It is important to note; puppy food is different from the food you will feed them when they are all grown up. Establish a regular feeding routine and avoid lavishing them with large amounts of people food. Even if they beg!

Regular Veterinarian Visits

You should start with regular vet visits shortly after you bring your puppy home. It is recommended that you have a vet picked out ahead of time. Vaccinations are very, very important. Your vet will be able to tell you specifically which vaccinations your little one should have. You may want to consider having them fitted with an ID chip, which is a small microchip injected just under the skin near the shoulder blade. Of course, you should always have your dog spayed/neutered if you do not intend on breeding them. Spaying/neutering comes with a host of health benefits and helps combat overpopulation.

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