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Acoma Animal Clinic, Where Pets Are Part of the Family

At Acoma Animal Clinic, your friendly neighborhood Tucson Veterinary Hospital, we take pet care very seriously! After all, we love pets, so we really couldn’t settle for anything else. Our approach to pet care focuses on general wellness and preventative medicine. Yes, we treat your pet when they get sick, but wouldn’t you rather keep them from getting sick in the first place?

What all do we do here at Acoma Animal Clinic? We take care of every aspect of pet treatment, for all pets of every shape and size. If you are coming in for a routine physical examination, or something more complex like exploratory surgery, Dr. Livingston and our team of pet professionals have what it takes to give your pet the best treatment possible.

Acoma Animal Clinic all offers critical, emergency and urgent care. We know that the unexpected can strike at any time. You need a vet who will be ready and on your side.

Acoma Animal Clinic also offers a range of specialty procedures such as stem cell therapy and laser therapy treatment.

Stem Cell Therapy treatment is a new way to use your pets own cells in helping to reduce pain, inflammation, and increase mobility in an arthritic pet or increase the wound healing process.

Laser Therapy is a scientifically proven way to help treat arthritis, inflammation, wounds, and skin allergies. Laser Therapy is a drug-free, surgery free and non-invasive way of treatment that aids in helping surgical wounds heal faster.

We want to be your partner in pet care! If you haven’t stopped by before, we can’t wait to meet you and your pet! You will be welcomed in as part of the Acoma Animal Clinic family!