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Acoma Animal Clinic, Where Pets Are Part of the Family

Doctor Livingston and our team of amazing veterinarian technicians have a strong passion for taking care of animals of all shapes and sizes, not just adorable puppies and kittens! In fact, we are huge fans of exotic animals as well. One of our vet techs owns a turtle and a California King Snake. Dr. Livingston himself mentions having a particular fondness for bearded dragons. If you have a pet in need of care, we would love to see it here at Acoma Animal Clinic. Interested in getting to know us better? We will let you know what we are all about!

Individualized Care: We believe in treating every pet that comes to visit us as the unique, special individual they are. We like to believe we are some of the most caring vets in Tucson. We are not just focused on a single visit. We want to make sure your pet has a long, healthy life. This means taking a personalized approach to veterinary care that looks years down the line, not just days or weeks.

Care Through Education: There is a lot involved in proper animal care. It can feel a little overwhelming at times. This is why, at Acoma Animal Clinic, we are committed to education. We believe that it is very important for pet owners to be properly educated about the care of their animals. You need to make sure they have the proper diet, the right immunizations, and that they have everything they need to be happy, comfortable, and content. When you come in for your visit, please don’t hesitate to ask any question that comes to mind! Our team of animal experts love helping in any way