What to do When You Lose Your Pet

Losing a pet is an incredibly scary, disorienting and heart-wrenching situation. When it happens, it is all you want in life to get your precious pet back. Dogs and cats are rambunctious, enthusiastic, curious animals. Sometimes they can get away in a matter of seconds. They don’t even know what they are doing. They just want to have fun and explore! It is up to you to help them get back home. And we are here to help you do that.

Immediate Response

It is important to begin your search immediately. There is no time to lose. Before you head out to search the neighborhood, leave out food and water. If they are still nearby, this may be all the need to return home. Next, rally together as many family members, friends, and neighbors as you can. Enlist them all to help you search for your lost pet. Be thorough and organized as you search. Search both day and night as your pet may lay down somewhere out of exhaustion when they are lost causing you to miss them. It is easier to find them when they are active.

Next Steps

Next, you should contact local animal shelters and your local animal control agency. File a lost animal report with every shelter in a 50-mile radius. Be persistent in checking in with them. We recommend calling daily. Most shelters are understaffed so they may not be able to make daily checks for your lost pet. They may even miss it if your pet comes in. Make flyers and post lost pet notices as well. Make sure to include a picture of your pet. And most importantly, don’t give up! Lost pets have been returned to their homes sometimes months after they get away. Don’t give up hope whatever you do.

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