What to Do With Pets When On Vacation?

This time on the blog we’re continuing our run of topics related to pets being left at home or otherwise away from us. Last time we talked about what your dog is likely getting up to during he way while you’re away at work, this time we wanted to talk about something a bit more substantial, what you should do with your pets when you go on a vacation!

What to Do With Your Pets When Going on a Vacation

Believe me, when I tell you, I love my cats. For me, the term, ‘Cat Lady,’ isn’t an insult, it’s a career goal and life aspiration. My 10-year plan is to bring as many cats as hygienically possible into my home and love them forever. That’s the thing about pets, they become part of your family and you love the little critters so much you just want them to feel safe and loved all the time, even when you aren’t there. So, what do you do with them when you want to travel? It’s a problem Matt and I faced and know a lot of other travel-lovers face too. To help you navigate the problem, here are a few suggestions on what to do with your pets when you travel.

House and Pet Sitter

This one does double duty, watching your home, and engaging with your pet. This is without a doubt the best option out there. Find someone you know and trust, whether that’s a professional pet/house sitter, family or a friend, Having someone home the entire time you’re gone will keep your pet engaged and happy while you’re away. They’ll also be able to respond quickly in emergencies. A house and pet sitter is the total package.

Neighborhood Watch, Pet Style

Have neighbors? Do they have pets?  Here’s a thought, talk to your neighbors about checking in on yours while you’re away! A big hurdle for many friends and family is the need to drive, sometimes across town, multiple times a day to check in on a pet. For neighbors, it’s just a nice leisurely stroll next door to make sure everything is ok! Everyone wants the chance to take some time away so work out an agreement with a neighbor you’re friendly with. All that’s required is to go over and hang out for a little bit with the cat or dog in question, let them out to use the restroom, and then head back home. A trusted neighbor pet watching exchange can be a beautiful option.

Pet Sitters

Hiring a professional pet sitter is another great option. While it will cost you something, you’re hiring a professional who knows the work and does it correctly. They are paid by the hour to take care of your pet, making their entire focus on making sure they have a good time playing and getting the attention they deserve!

Pet Hotels or Boarding

While you’re away putting your pet in a pet hotel or boarding situation may be a great option but only if your pet likes being around other animals! They are lively, with plentyof play time and stimulation. There is a worry that less reputable hotels may spread disease or illness (kennel cough and cat flu are things) but any place worth their salt should be sanitary and have best practices established for disease control and prevention. Note this is likely the most expensive option for taking care of your pet.

Friends and Family

One of the easiest solutions is to rely on your friends and family, especially those your pet already knows and gets along with. Reach out to someone who would be happy to take in your dog or cat for the duration and treat them as one of their own! 

Or… you can take your pet with you! There are dog friendly vacations out there!

Hiker with a dog in his backpack

Get your dog’s harness on and pack up the car, there are plenty of wonderful places across America that your dog will enjoy just as much! From the Pacific Northwest to Bar Harbor in Maine! One great option is just a few hours drive from Tucson! Head up to Sedona and check out Slide Rock State Park or Coconino National Forest and it’s iconic red rocks. The hiking trails all around are suitable and welcoming to dogs, heck you can even sign up for pet-friendly tours! Dogs are welcome at several local breweries and restaurants as well making it a pet-friendly city to check out. Find more great dog-friendly vacations here.

Take care of your pet and make sure your furry friend is looked after and you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation to the absolute fullest! Whether you have a house sitter or have a family friend stopping in, make sure you provide them with any emergency numbers they need including your vet!

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