What Your Dog’s Vomit Means and When to Worry

Dog vomit can indicate severe health issues and temporary stomach disturbances for your canine companion. Recognizing the difference in your dog’s vomit is crucial to understanding when it’s time to take your dog to the vet. Dog vomit can be clear, brown, or yellow, depending on what’s causing the problem.

Please continue reading our guide to determine what your dog’s vomit means and when it’s time to visit a veterinarian.

Why Is My Dog Throwing Up Yellow?

When your dog vomits green or yellow, this is usually a strong indicator that your dog is flushing out bile. Several things could cause your dog to bring up that bio; some situations are difficult while others don’t need medical attention. If you recently switched your dog’s food and notice, then bring up yellow vomit more frequently than they might have a food allergy you need to address.

Yellow dog vomit could also demonstrate your dog is eating too much grass or has an empty stomach. If vomiting persists, it could show diseases like pancreatitis or intestinal blockages, and you should call your vet.

How To Soothe a Dog’s Stomach

Everyone gets upset stomachs, including your canine companion. A few natural ways you can use to settle your dog’s stomach is to feed them pumpkin or oatmeal. You can mix these ingredients into your dog’s daily food and take them to help relax their stomach for minor stomach problems. However, if your dog continues to have an upset stomach after two days, contact your vet immediately to resolve the problem. 

Why Is My Dog Throwing Up Clear?

Some dogs have trouble controlling their water intake and drink excessive amounts of water at a time. If your dog vomits a clear liquid, this situation could cause that. You shouldn’t worry immediately if this happens on a particularly hot day or after an abnormally excessive workout. However, if your dog keeps throwing up clear liquid, this could suggest a more serious problem.

Hyperthyroidism, pancreatitis, or parasites could cause your dog to throw up clear fluid. These issues need to be identified by a veterinarian as soon as possible to prevent further health problems.

Why Is My Dog Throwing Up Brown?

Brown vomit could reveal your dog’s nastiest and most disturbing health problems. If your dog doesn’t have a serious health condition, brown vomit most likely means they’ve ingested too much feces. As disgusting as it is, dogs are drawn to eating the feces of other animals, and you should discourage the behavior as much as possible by monitoring your dog’s outdoor time.

On a more serious note, brown dog vomit could also imply an intestine blockage. The brown color could mean that blood has entered your dog’s digestive system from an intestinal blockage, and you must visit a vet immediately. Dogs love to get into things they’re not supposed to, which is the most common reason they experience blockages. 

When To Call a Vet

If your dog vomits for more than two days, you should call your veterinarian because this points a finger toward a serious health problem. The first day of vomiting could be a common stomach problem from eating something bad, and you might not have to worry about if vomiting is the only symptom. You should also consult a vet immediately if your dog experiences lethargy, dizziness, or any other concerning symptoms, along with vomiting.

When your dog vomits, pay close attention to determine if veterinary intervention is necessary. Remember that not every case of vomiting needs medical attention, which is a huge relief to you.

Contact a Vet You Can Trust

When your dog vomits, you want to do everything you can and ensure that your canine companion is in great health. However, if you have reason to believe that your dog’s vomit could show a serious medical problem, then you need to get ahold of a vet right away to be safe.

You don’t need to spend hours finding a that you can trust because you can contact us at (520) 297-3593 right away, and we will answer any questions you have about your dog’s medical status. we can help you determine if you need to take your dog to us for care or if it’s safe to lay low for a bit.

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