Why Does My Cat…?

Cats. We love them, we think we understand them, but they do so many things that we might view as antisocial, or aggressive, or just downright strange. They attack our toes, cram themselves into tight containers, or bump their heads into ours. They’re weirdos, but they’re our weirdos. Here are what many of those strange behaviors mean! Spoiler alert: many of these are not dangerous.

cat behavior


… rub her face on me?

Cats will often rub their heads against things or people. This is a behavior called ‘bunting’ and is a variant of scent rubbing.  Cats have scent glands in their cheeks and foreheads and so, when they decide to mark something as their own they will often do so by rubbing their faces into/onto them. This can include people! This is a normal, healthy behavior!

…pressing his head into a well?

Not to be confused with bunting, this behavior is called head pressing. An animal, not just cats, will stand with their body close to a corner or wall, their face pressed lose and not move. This is a sure sign of some form of a disorder, most likely neurological. Contact your vet right away!

…drinking from the faucet?

This is an instinct from their ancestors that is hard to break. In the wild, it is safer to drink water that is running rather than stagnant, as the still water is more likely to have bacteria. If your cat jumps up into the sink to get its water straight from the tap, he’s just following his ancestor’s wildcat footsteps. If you’re not bothered by it, then no worries! If it’s a bit of a hassle or they become needy in their pursuit of only the finest faucet water  you can get a automatic water fountain of sorts to appease them.

…NOT using the litter box?!

Yikes! This is definitely a behavior no one enjoys! If you find your feline friend isn’t using the litter box there could be a few reasons for that. Check to make sure that the box is clean, easily accessible for your cat, and in a private enough area. If there are not enough boxes (it is recommended you keep a litter box per cat, plus one) you may need to get another. If all of these seem to be in order, there may be a health reason such as a urinary infection so a vet check-up can work wonders.

…knocking EVEYRTHING over!?

Cats have very sensitive paws and will use them to swat things to investigate. This is a behavior they use with prey as well. Cats may also do this to get attention.  If your cat is swatting things around the house or knocking them over, do your best to ignore them. If they are doing it to get your attention then it will reinforce their behavior.

…bringing me dead things?

Ah, who doesn’t love gifts? That’s exactly what our cats are doing when they bring us dead birds or mice, they are thanking us for all we do in their lives. While the is unseemly to us (not to mention unhygienic!) cats think it’s the best thing they can do! When they do this, it is best not to reprimand them for the normal behavior or praise them as it could inspire more gifts! Instead, you should be keeping your cat indoors at all times to help keep the gifts down. Not only that, but it prevents your cat from getting exposed to more diseases and parasites.

…sleeping in tight spots?

Another leftover behavior from their wildcat days! Sleeping in a small, tight, or hidden space makes them feel secure! No worry here, just preference!

…chewing on everything?

Cats chew for a variety of reasons. It can be boredom, illness, or anxiety-induced or in cats who were weaned too early. All of these are possible. It can be a dangerous behavior however as depending what they get their little mitts on may cause choking, blockages, or other problems. When you see your vet discuss and you can begin to narrow in on the cause and the course of action.

We hope this rundown of some of the various strange behaviors cats have has helped! Even if it just put your mind at ease that can go a long way to both yours and your pet’s well-being! If you see any symptoms of serious issues, call your vet immediately and get the help they need!

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