Why is My Cat Peeing Everywhere?

One of the most frustrating things cat owners run into occasionally is when their cat urinates in areas they’re not supposed to. Everyone knows cat pee smells terrible, and it’s extremely hard to clean out of fabric and other surfaces. The sooner you resolve this problem, the happier you in your feline companion will be living in your home together.

Please continue reading to learn why your cat is peeing everywhere and the steps you can take to fix this problem. Your cat might avoid their litter box, even if this was never a problem.

Your Cat Is Frustrated

Cat owners must remember that cats’ minds don’t work like dogs’ minds. So, if you punish your cat by sticking its nose in its urine, you might be reinforcing this negative behavior. The more frustrated your cat is with you, the more likely they urinate and have undesirable spots for you. Cats require much patience, which is better to redirect than punish.

Showing your dog their mess and redirecting them outside may teach them not to urinate in the wrong spot, but your cat needs a calmer approach.

Stressful Events Can Cause Your Cat To Pee Everywhere

Cats get stressed out by situational changes a lot easier than you may expect. For example, if you bring a new cat or dog into the home, this could be an extremely stressful event for your feline. Another stressful event you might put your cat into unwillingly is moving homes because they enter a territory they’re unfamiliar with. Cats like consistency, and they like to be familiar with their environment, so any environmental changes are extremely stressful for them.

Territorial Behavior in Cats

Sometimes cats urinate around the house to mark their territory. Do you have a male cat and recently introduced another cat into the home? Even if your original cat is fixed, it may still urinate around your house to show the new cat to whom the home belongs. It is important to introduce cats slowly to each other to ensure that you minimize this territorial behavior. 

Medical Issues

There are several medical reasons why your cat might no longer use their litterbox or not use their litter box as often as they should. Some of these problems are extremely common, while others are rare. A few examples of medical issues that can affect your cat’s urination habits are the following.

  • Bacterial infections
  • bladder stones
  • nerve damage
  • yeast infections
  • emotional or physical trauma

cats who have recently been in an accident of any sort might be more inclined to urinate around the house due to a lack of bladder control. You should bring your cat to the veterinarian if you notice they are peeing everywhere. If your cat’s urination problem isn’t behavioral, you don’t have to let them suffer any longer with their physical ailment.

Tips To Discourage Inappropriate Cat Peeing Behavior

If your cat’s urination problems are behavioral, then there are several things you can do at home to fix the issue. However, if you’re cat’s urination problems are medical, you’ll need to visit a veterinarian for medication or treatment. You can follow tips to discourage inappropriate cat peeing around your home.

  • Put your cat’s food bowl where they are urinating improperly. For example, if you notice they like to urinate in a specific corner of your home, make that their feeding grounds because cats don’t like to eat where they pee.
  • You can purchase a calming spray if you suspect your cat is going through a stressful event. This will allow your cat’s pheromones to spread around the house and make them feel more comfortable.
  • Try a different cat litter because cats might resist their litter box if they don’t like how the litter feels on their feet. Some cats are also sensitive to smells, so you might need to avoid scented litter.

The first step you need to take to discourage your cat from peeing everywhere is to figure out why they’re peeing everywhere.

Final Thoughts

Contact us at (520) 297-3593 if your cat is peeing everywhere and you don’t know how to fix the problem. Your cat might be experiencing a serious medical problem that needs professional intervention. If you ignore medical problems in your feline for too long, it can cause detrimental situations and put their life at risk.

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